Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trust us: the manufacturing sector is fine

(Reuters) - A key gauge of U.S. manufacturing rose in March and new orders in February were stronger than initially thought, indicating a vibrant factory sector even as the economy slowed in the first quarter.

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics, and this "report" belongs in the last of these categories. If there truly were a vibrant manufacturing sector, efficiently producing what we actually need for an efficient economy, there would be no economic crisis. This lie is part of the media's attempt to convince us that government spending is the problem, when the government should be providing credit to build vast infrastructure projects such as NAWAPA, which would put everybody to work doing something useful for a change, despite what banker-whore Bawney Fwank says. The credit would allow work to proceed, and the work would infuse that credit with value. Our only concern is whether we have the resources to do something, and if not, to first produce those resources. Money is just a symbol of value, and humans can produce value by intelligent use of resources. (Gold and silver are COMMODITIES which are convenient for BARTER - by limiting our supply of money to the amount of gold and silver in existence, we would strangle the economy, and that's what Ron Paul intends to do. The Species Act of the 19th century did the same thing.) NATIONAL bank credit, which serves the common good, is a means of channeling the nation's energy along lines determined by patriotic, intelligent, and informed American leaders, and supported by patriotic Americans in general, into the most effective projects at any given time. CENTRAL bank credit is a means of channeling the nation's energy along lines determined by its enemy: the British empire. As long as the US serves Their Majesties' purposes, it will be kept limping along. When they no longer need us, they'll pull the plug and turn us into another Iraq or Libya.