Monday, April 25, 2011

US publishers aren't interested in former Gitmo prisoner's book

A former prisoner who has been trying to get his story out is former Guantánamo internee David Hicks. Released as part of deal to plead guilty in the military commissions trials, Hicks has returned to his native Australia to heal from the years of torture he endured at the U.S. Naval Base prison. He has written a book on his experiences, but no publisher has seen fit to release it in the United States.
The report alleges that if Mr Hicks is released, he would be a threat to the U.S. and its allies – Mr Hicks has been a free member of society for over three years, and has proven this to be completely false.

He wrote a book that US publishers refuse to publish - obviously he IS a threat to "the U.S.," i.e. creatures such as Dick Cheney who were born in the US. Since the Gulf Gusher anniversary was recent, it's a good time to remember Dick Darkside's role in that catastrophe too; without him destroying environmental protections, it never would have happened. It's hard for me to believe that such a series of "accidents" could be accidental.

While reading the article, I was also reminded of Satanists' fondness for carving out special legalistic Twilight Zones where they can ply their sadism without accountability, at least in this world. The movie entitled The Devil's Advocate isn't far from the truth - it takes a lot of legal knowledge to create these Twilight Zones.