Friday, April 1, 2011

Virtual energy crises

The Fukushima nuclear power plant that BEGAN A MELTDOWN [even a complete meltdown isn't a catastrophe if the containment vessel isn't breached] after last month’s earthquake has not been stabilized and officials have ordered the world’s largest concrete pump be brought as a type of "Chernobyl solution" to the problem in Japan. The concrete pump is currently located in the United States in Georgia but is being moved to Japan because of the emergency situation there. The pump is enormous at 190,000 pounds and is made in Germany by Putzmeister. The concrete pump has a 70 meter boom that can be remote controlled which is a major plus when dealing with failed nuclear reactors and the radioactive environment.

[This is absurd - no breach of the containment vessel has been confirmed as of this writing. It sounds to me as if the pump is being transported, assuming that it really is, as a psywar stunt, and not because it's necessary. The goal is not to be objective, but to shut down nuclear power, and if shipping a giant pump halfway around the world helps to accomplish this, naturally they'd do it.]
TOYKO — A Japanese government agency that spent several years evaluating the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant declared the facility safe after dismissing concerns from a member of its own expert panel that a tsunami could jeopardize its reactors.
Following the outbreak of civil strife in Iran, and an unprecedented strike by Iranian oil workers, the same British intelligence networks that fomented the crisis in the first place rushed to the presses with fabricated stories of an imminent 1973-style oil shortage and warnings of "Russian takeover" of the Gulf oil fields, beginning with an invasion by a mythical Farsi­ speaking army division.

Leading the hue and cry was the British press, with features by columnist Robert Moss falsely implicating the Soviets and their allies in the current crisis. No less than three front-page lead articles of the Nov. 6 Daily Telegraph loudly warned of "Russians massing on the Iranian-Soviet border" and the "growing threat to British supplies of oil." Significantly, British Petroleum and British-Dutch-controlled Royal Dutch Shell are at the center of the efforts to pull off another oil embargo.

As I predicted at the outset of the "nuclear crisis" in Japan, the oligarchy has shown that there is nothing it won't do to convince us that nuclear energy is inherently dangerous and must be eradicated (from everywhere but the environs of London). The media "coverage" stinks to high heaven of another fabricated, virtual crisis just like the oil hoaxes a few decades ago, and I wouldn't be surprised if the oligarchy induced the Japanese government and the power company to deliberately botch the work on the plant to exacerbate the situation, instead of ameliorating it. So what if dozens of workers had to die - they're out to depopulate the planet. Note that those with the power to prevent the plant from being flooded by a tsunami (at least while in operation) dismissed the possibility. The rational response to credible evidence of a potential for a huge tsunami would be to shut the plant down immediately and build defenses, if possible. The fact that this wasn't done indicates that the plant was designed to create an excuse to get rid of nuclear power.

The entire thrust of the media "coverage" has been to shut down the nuclear power industry, as if the Fukushima plant is typical of modern plants that are installed in far safer areas.