Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Syria another playground for Satanists?

Upon reviewing some of the history of torture in Syria, I have to admit that it's not so far-fetched to assume that reports of a kid being tortured to death are true. It sounds like it might be another vacation hotspot for Satanists looking for "nobodies" to torture for their "initiation" into "Magick" (demonic possession), especially now that Iraq and Afghanistan aren't jumping as much as they were during the Cheney administration. Note from the image that it's on a good area of the Earth Grid for this purpose [1], and it's almost the peak time of year for nature spirits (of which demons are a destructive type) in the northern hemisphere. I gather that it's decided that chaos is the order of the day in Syria as part of the planned destruction of civilization, so it might have perpetrated this particularly hideous "initiation" into "Magick" and blamed it on their hapless host Assad as part of creating more chaos there. They're also desperate to make their puppet Obama look good, and pinning this demonic act on Assad would tend to do that.

[1] For the significance of the map, check the name I assigned to the map and my web-page entitled Satanism and the Earth-Grid.

British intelligence goes all-out to plunge Syria into chaos

At 13, he is one of the youngest known victims of Syria's ruthless crackdown on protesters who have tried to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The teenager's family were told not to speak of his terrible fate. But in a pitiful act of defiance, they posted the footage of his corpse online.

Before jumping to any conclusions, ask yourself how much is really known about this boy's death. What evidence is there that Syria's ruler is responsible? Wouldn't he have to be an absolute idiot to do something like this, and then to let the body show up in the media? It was more likely done by someone who wanted to make him look bad. Furthermore, for all we know, he was dead before any of the wounds were inflicted. Perhaps he was accidentally killed, and his body removed from the morgue and mutilated for propaganda purposes. Perhaps the wounds were made to look as if he was still alive when they were inflicted. It seems that whenever British intelligence wants to depose some ruler, they demonize him with something like this. So, don't jump to any conclusions.

The Battle of Wanat as a key to the stage-managed nature of the "war on terror"

Besides the aforementioned tit-for-tat "misdirected" terrorism which comprises a great deal of the "war on terror," there's another aspect, which is a matter of organizing outraged Muslims into "terrorist hordes" with which the US military is seen periodically waging pitched battles, at least until the air support arrives and wipes out this "threat." (In Iraq, the "terrorist hordes" were essentially the Iraqi military and "national guard" in plain clothes, so Anglo-American intelligence-offshoots didn't have to organize them, and they were a far tougher and more tenacious opponent than the current "terrorist hordes.") In fact, all that these "terrorist hordes" can realistically hope to accomplish at this point on a regular basis is hit-and-run attacks (or hit and TRY to run attacks, or outright suicide attacks), and of course, the despicable, terrorist tactic of planting IEDs, all of which are worse than useless and just serve to make the "long war" longer (thus betraying their ultimate British origin).

As part of convincing us that the current crop of "terrorist hordes" are a major threat, and to fan the flames of the average US soldier's hatred for the average "haji," a significant number of Americans would have to die in one or more of these battles, especially one in which the Americans were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the "terrorist horde," and mercilessly picked off. But because of the vast superiority of the American military-intelligence complex to an armed gang of desperate people being manipulated by some offshoot of British intelligence, this would require a major "screw-up" on the part of the American forces. This, I suspect, was the reason why Chosen Company was set up to die in the battle of Wanat, and why the "terrorist horde" was depicted as consisting of the average Afghan civilians which surround the average American foot soldier. (During the 60 Minutes' show on this battle, one American soldier was heard remarking how the nearby "village" consisted of nothing but fighting-aged men, so the situation was clearly a big set-up.) So, those responsible for setting the stage to create the illusion of dangerous hordes of "Islamic terrorists," i.e. Rumsfeld or Cheney, would be the ones who set up these guys, and essentially had them murdered. But then, what's a mere nine more murders when added to the long, long list of atrocities perpetrated by these monsters?

Monday, May 30, 2011

SRA in the form of "debt collection"

BANKS are driving some borrowers who can not pay their debts to suicide, the Master of the High Court warned last night.

Ed Honohan, brother of Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan, told the Irish Independent he decided to speak out against the banks and other creditors because he had dealt with several debt cases where the borrowers had subsequently taken their own lives.

He added that he also decided to speak out as many borrowers who can not repay their loans, such as mortgages, credit cards and personal loans, ARE BEING PURSUED BY BANKS WHO HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN OFF THE DEBTS.

This was leading to "MEANINGLESS ACCOUNTANCY EXERCISES" that were driving some people to suicide, he said. [emphasis added]

This is just a microcosm of what the banks are doing to the entire world, with the intent of ultimately thinning out the population by at least 2/3, or 66.666...% It's an excellent opportunity for Harry Potter fans to graduate to real-world "wizardry," which for some strange reason requires them to develop the ability to enjoy being sadistic.

Warning on potential potassium-candida link

I've added a post to my health-related blog on the potential for potassium supplementation to lead to candida overgrowth.

A good example of "American," "misdirected" terrorism

KABUL (PAN): Women and children were among 14 civilians killed in airstrike by international troops in the southern province of Helmand, officials claimed on Sunday.

The raid was conducted late on Saturday when militants attacked a base of US marines in the Salam Bazaar area of Nawzad district, the governor's spokesman told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Fourteen people, including five girls, seven boys, and two women were killed when the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) struck two houses in the area, Daud Ahmadi, said.
The Taliban stormed a checkpoint of foreign troops in the village, but foreign troops targeted three civilian houses, inflicting casualties on non-combatants, said Noor Mohammad, who lost a family members.

Let me guess: there will be an investigation, and we will never hear the results. Just once I'd like to see the trigger-man held responsible, or at least required to defend his actions in a public forum. But no - it's "NATO's" fault, so anyone associated with NATO (such as the group of Americans which had been attacked, triggering the helicopter-attack) becomes fair game for reprisals. Meanwhile, those actually responsible remain absolutely untouched, and even anonymous.

This was no accident - it was mass murder disguised as a mistake. The effect of such "misdirected" terrorism by "Americans" will be to enrage the population, put ground forces in greater danger, and create more recruits for terrorist controllers, whom America would never consider attacking.

(By "misdirected terrorism," I mean terrorism that serves only to fan the flames of conflict, and isn't even suitable as revenge, since the actual terrorists are never impacted. So-called "American" terrorists don't care if Americans are killed in their stead - they probably get a chuckle out of it. Consider how those who died in the Battle of Wanat were blatantly set up to die - it was murder of American soldiers by someone very high up in the chain of command.)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Who murdered the nine American soldiers who died in the Battle of Wanat?

(CBS) After nearly 15 months of relentless combat in Afghanistan, the soldiers of 2nd Platoon Charlie Company are filling their last sand bags. They shot video of themselves just 12 days before they were supposed to go home.
Many of the soldiers on the videos are no longer alive. Nine were killed at Wanat.

Nine soldiers dead holding a piece of terrain which two days later the U.S. abandoned to the enemy.

This battle, which was a microcosm of the "war" in Afghanistan, cannot be fully understood except from a perspective similar to mine. Note that these fine young men were due to return home in a few days, and they were obviously set up, at best, as bait to lure some Taliban fighters out to get picked off by our air assets. However, the fact that their surveillance drone was moved elsewhere just before the attack, and the fact that they were sacrificed just before going home, indicates a darker motive - to inflict emotional pain on their families, who were expecting them to come home in a few days, alive. The lack of explanation and accountability is so typical of the Satanist faction that runs our military. This just reeks of evil, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to find Cheney or Rumsfeld, or whatever possesses them, behind it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taliban can wear police uniforms? Who would have guessed? (revised)

KABUL -- A Taliban suicide bomber wearing a police uniform blew himself up inside a heavily guarded compound Saturday as top Afghan and international officials left a meeting, killing two senior Afghan police commanders and wounding the German general who commands coalition troops in northern Afghanistan.

An investigation will be conducted into the incident, as usual. Results will never be announced, as usual. (This seems to be part of the media's "no explanation, no solution, no hope" mind-war strategy.)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sex-trafficking: just criminal or also diabolical? (revised - see Note)

On the Indian-summer afternoon of Tuesday, October 14, 2008, Judge Christopher Droney .. concluded from his bench, “We will never know why Mr. Paris constructed this hell for these girls … a world of pain, humiliation, suffering, and sexism.”

This seems like a case where Reverse Speech would come in handy to ferret out the perpetrators' motives, assuming it's possible to find speech reversals in their speech. (It would also be an excellent "war on terror" interrogation tool, if the "interrogators" actually wanted useful information on a timely basis.) But without it, the judge is right - we may never know if the perpetrators are merely incredible swine without a shred of empathy or respect for young women, or whether they enjoy crushing their spirits, and take the opportunity to make some money while they're at it.

The article also refers to an epidemic of heroin addiction due to a good supply of cheap, highly pure "h," one of the British Empire's chief products, grown and harvested under the watchful eye of the US and British militaries in Afghanistan and refined in the tribal areas of western Pakistan, in labs untouched by the drone attacks which are killing and terrorizing mainly innocent people in that area. For some background on this, see Shut Down Dubai’s London-Saudi Drug and Terror Cesspool. (This article indicates that sex-trafficking, like drug trafficking, is a form of the British empire's global criminal subculture. This would explain why more hasn't been done about it. If even small-time pimps are part of the Empire's global "free trade" criminal apparatus, then it's likely that it is intended to serve a dual purpose: to destroy civilization and mankind as part of the Devil's 8th Sphere agenda, and to make money.)

Revision - Added portion in parentheses at end.

Obama's declaration of slavery

Obama's speech to the British parliament was essentially nothing but a collection of lies and doubletalk intended to declare his fealty to the British Empire. In his speech, he indicates that he is a Darwinist and a free-marketeer, both of which are based on the notion of a fight to the death.

But out of the vaguely humanist side of his mouth, Obama refers to human rights, but never explains how we obtained these rights. (One article claims that he referred to God, but I can't find any such reference.) If Darwin is right, what are we but a cloud of particles that became rearranged as a result of random motion and a struggle for survival, with a certain group ending up as masters over the rest? We would have no rights except what this master-group decides to give us, and these are the rights to serve them, and to die when we no longer serve them.

Obama's actions indicate that this is what he believes, and that he hopes to preserve his own skin by serving this master-group. He's a slave, an Uncle Tom, and he's taking up space where a President should be.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obama's nauseating display of subservience to the Crown

London (CNN) -- My Lord Chancellor, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Prime Minister, my Lords, and Members of the House of Commons:

I have known few greater honors than the opportunity to address the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster Hall. I'm told the last three speakers here have been The Pope, Her Majesty the Queen, and Nelson Mandela, which is either a very high bar or the beginning of a very funny joke.

That joke to which he referred would be his second term in office, although it won't be very funny from out perspective because it will be at our expense. The rest of his speech amounted to a demonstration of his ability to tell big lies. Naturally, he didn't mention the fact that the Empire, including its American henchmen, were behind 9/11 and the subsequent festival of lies which launched the Satanic reign of terror known as the "war on terror." The worst of everything about this world can be traced back to this well-disguised horde of Mammon's agents which Obama clearly considers to be almost his equals. They've evidently been puffing him up throughout his life, and this was just the latest installment, probably intended to prepare him to deliver the coup de grace to the USA.

Likely Satanists now tormenting Loughner's victims

Some conspiracy Web sites are claiming that the shootings that nearly killed Representative Gabrielle Giffords and did end the lives of a federal judge, a 9-year-old girl and four others never actually took place. One particularly bizarre site, run by a Texas man, says it was all a government hoax that used actors.

This reeks of a low-intensity form of SRA, similar in form to the Westboro Baptist Church's expressions of gratitude for the deaths of soldiers. Perhaps they're just picking up where Loughner (or whatever drove him) left off.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Could Obama be any more obvious?

The news is that Obama BOTCHED his toast to Queen Elizabeth (by inadvertently triggering the band to play God Save the Queen, and talking over it, as if he were Morgan Freeman), but what SHOULD have been the new is his craven obsequiousness to this enemy of mankind, and his megalomania reflected in his belief that the British elite cares what he thinks about the Queen. They're only humoring the malignant narcissist to puff up his ego to ensure his loyalty, and probably mocking him behind his back. All a puppet is supposed to do is stick to the script. Interestingly, Jared Loughner was declared mentally incompetent on the same day that Obama made his mental incompetence to be the President glaringly apparent.

The oligarchy really knows how to manipulate Obama

I'm not going to try to play psychologist, but it appears to me that Obama's visit to London is intended to give him a synthetic personality of a member of the British elite, in order to make him identify with the oligarchy more than the principles of the Constitution which they hate so much. He looks so overjoyed, as if he's in Heaven, to be "accepted into the fold" as an equal. It looks to me that he even applied for a job as some sort of lackey to Prince William when he ascends to the throne. I hope that LaRouche does an analysis of this situation as only he can do.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama gives his real oath of office

LONDON — President Barack Obama will outline in a speech today how much the world has changed since the U.S.-British partnership emerged victorious from World War II, but also argue that the relationship remains the cornerstone of global security.

The theme, outlined by administration officials here Tuesday, is part celebration of the military partnership, which has waged war in three Muslim nations over the past decade, and part reassurance that the heavy cost has been essential.

Obama will deliver the address, characterized by advisers as "the anchor speech" of his six-day European trip, to the British Parliament at Westminster Hall, becoming the first American leader to do so in that historic venue.

She's thinking "In another few years, you'll just be some used-up nobody that everyone hates, like our former tool what's his name down there in Texas. But in the mean time we'll make you look good so you can serve us."

Satan's oligarchy, not Pakistan, plays both sides

Pakistan is blamed for playing a "double game" of being allies with both "the terrorists" and the US government (the "not-terrorists"). In fact, governments, terrorism, and the media are all controlled by the oligarchical/Satanist faction (Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand") through a few well-placed puppets such as Obama. Its enemy is mankind in general, which it divides and pits against each other, such as in the "war on terror." (A key to understanding how it controls terrorism is the BAE slush fund, which was used for financing certain aspects of 9/11, and which only LaRouche has exposed.)

Here's their general strategy behind the "war on terror": They get the ball rolling with a horrible terrorist incident (9/11) which the world won't soon forget, and it blamed some vaguely-defined group of phantoms as the culprits. It then attacked innocent people in the guise of going after these phantoms. The anger of this innocent group of people is channeled by the Invisible Hand into terrorism against the US military (but only the good guys - not the Satanist faction, of course) and US allies (including their civilian population) which the originally innocent group blames for the attacks on them. (Meanwhile, the oligarchy was apparently using such groups as the SAS - the oligarchy's private "army" - to conduct other acts of terrorism, such as car bombings in Iraq.) Thus, the original terrorism (9/11) begets more terrorism ("shock and awe"), which begets further terrorism, which begets further terrorism ad infinitum. A few battles between US forces and groups of "terrorists" are arranged to give the impression that there's an actual war going on, when in fact it's mainly terrorism in response to terrorism, with the actual terrorists at the core always remaining untouched and in charge.

In the case of Pakistan, tribes living in the "unincorporated areas" (evidently designated as "nobodies" who can be terrorized with impunity) are being subjected to terrorism in the form of drone attacks. (Note how the drone attacks were phased in as the prisoner abuse was phased out, or at least apparently so. The effect is similar: to manufacture anti-American terrorists to "prove" the existence of "Islamic" terrorism and to keep the "war" going.) They are driven by their fear and rage into the arms of the Invisible Hand's terrorist-recruitment/training apparatus which was set up in those areas by the ISI and financed by the Saudis (the source of the BAE slush fund). They then attack the Pakistani government, such as in the case of the recent suicide bombings (where was the security for the recruits?), and this ensures that the drone attacks will continue. It's misdirected terror in response to misdirected terror, not a war on terror.

Meanwhile, the drone attacks continue, and the Pakistani government is blamed by Pakistanis for supposedly secretly allowing the drone attacks, and by the US Congress for secretly working with "the terrorirsts" (such as by "hiding bin Laden"). But in fact, the oligarchy is the one secretly ordering drone attacks and running "Islamic" terrorism, including Operation bin Laden (whatever that was). It's putting part of the blame for both forms of terrorism on the Pakistani government as part of its false narrative of the situation there, and apparently as part of a program to "morph" the war into a US war with Pakistan and China, perhaps including nuclear weapons. Another aspect of this setup is the vociferous objections to the drone attacks by members of the Pakistani government. They know it will make no difference.

Very few if any US soldiers under the regular US chain of command are actually involved in the drone operation, but it gets blamed on the US military-intelligence complex and government because it has the outward APPEARANCE of being a US military operation controlled by the US chain of command. In fact, it's controlled by JSOC (>47>11), which includes an oligarchical/Satanist "Nietzschean superman" faction (which always remains nameless other than the names of its members, which are of course never disclosed, to protect the guilty). The CIA runs a similar drone operation, apparently to share the blame for JSOCs drone-terror operation with the US military.

It's too complex for me to describe completely in a general manner, and analyzing it on a case-by-case basis requires information to which I am not privy. But this is the gist of it, as far as I can tell.

The "bin Laden killing" operation was a riddle wrapped in a mystery surrounded by an enigma. It'll be a long time before that gets unraveled, although it was definitely run from the highest levels. Obama was given credit for it as part of his reappointment campaign.

Virtual memory message: a likely hint of NSA spying

I contend that the NSA spies on us by copying everything we do with our computers to a secret area on the hard drive ("Windows reserved area," the contents of which are never divulged to us), and uploading it to their servers at their convenience. I suspect that the following message, which has been appearing on my computer's screen a few times a day for several years, is a cynical hint of this process:
Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file....
The main problem with this is that I'm not using anything near the capacity of my main memory (I have nearly a GB of main memory, and I'm running the Chrome browser and Wordpad), so there is no need to use virtual memory.

[For those who aren't familiar with virtual memory, it's an area on the hard drive which serves as an extension of the main memory. When the main memory gets too full, some of its contents are moved to virtual memory, so that the task which the computer is currently executing can remain entirely in the main memory, for best performance. Now that main memory is getting so abundant, especially with HP's memristor-based memory on the horizon, this is becoming less important except in applications which consume colossal amounts of memory. But then the NSA would just use a piece of nonvolatile main memory for their spying.]

I don't know if there's any solution to such spying. After all, wouldn't it be a failure for a spy agency to allow for a convenient mode of communication that is beyond its reach? So, wouldn't such a capability for spying be built into any operating system which we're allowed to have? Unfortunately, this spy agency is run by the enemy of mankind. The solution to that is to decapitate the snake with Glass Steagall.

The predictable consequences of the "war on drugs"

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that California prisons violated the US constitution – their cramping of prisoners in overcrowded conditions constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

I predicted this at least a decade ago: that the prisons would be partially emptied at the worst possible time, when the economy is tanking.

There never was a real war on drugs - only the low-level dealers and users were targeted. Meanwhile, the British imperial banks which laundered the hundreds of billions of dollars in drug money, and their opium crop in American-occupied Afghanistan, went untouched. Crack kingpin Bush the Elder also went unscathed. As with any recent "war," its purpose is pure destruction.

The extremely violent situation in Mexico is apparently the result of the reduced demand for drugs due to economic collapse - the gangs are fighting over the smaller pie, although there appears to be a purely Satanist element also, killing people as part of their "religion." If a proper war had been waged from the start, Mexico wouldn't have transformed into a narco-state.

As for our right to do with our brains as we see fit, I believe that positive economic incentives (i.e. productive, creative employment), proper education into the consequences of drug use and a proper education into spiritual matters (as opposed to our current Venice-designed system which features such things as "getting saved" from karma, and pieces of saints' bodies as objects of veneration) and our current evolutionary task of developing clear thinking would convince people that the use of certain drugs is a waste of time and potentially of one's life, as well as a danger to the future of the economy and nation that protects them from redcoats in disguise.

So, once again, the only solution includes Glass-Steagall as a starting point and getting rid of Nerobama, our British puppet-President who as of this writing is over in Europe getting rewound for his next term in office. Note that no Republicans of with any potential are running against him - the word is obviously out that Obama's going to be reappointed, and they don't want to lose to him. But on the other hand, they have to make a credible effort to keep the illusion that we have a choice alive.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mideast leaders given scripts that make Obama look good?

The fear that Obama has grown a spine is greatly exaggerated, though Netanyahu’s pretend "furious" reaction surely is designed to make Obama look and maybe feel tougher than he is.

It occurred to me that a lot of what's happening in the Mideast lately, such as the reports of Syrian soldiers gunning down peaceful protesters, and Obama's support of the "democratic uprising" (partly a reaction to his economic policies) is intended to make Obama look like an American President. Another example is what's happening to Libya, the target of which appears to be the portion of mankind within Libya's borders. Ghaddawful is ostensibly the target, but he has the characteristic ability to evade being captured or killed typical of the enemies we need as an excuse to bomb a country to smithereens. Meanwhile, his complementary slaughter of "his own" people helps to make Obummer look better.

This Memorial Day, let's look back and remember the war criminals too

“The WikiLeaks documents provide still additional evidence that intelligence gained from CIA detainees not only helped lead us to Osama bin Laden, it helped us disrupt a number of follow-on attacks that had been set in motion after 9/11,” said Marc Thiessen, a former Bush speechwriter.

What I find so funny is that the defenders of "enhanced interrogation" use the un-American "states secrets provision" that their masters brought over with them from London to prevent us from examining the reality of their "great success," including its methods and motives, in court. The reason is that it is in fact an intermediate-to-advanced form of SRA, which is intended to turn them into pod people and destroy the souls of their victims. At that, it IS a great success, which explains why it's gone on so long and why they want it to continue forever.

As far as I know, my sites are the only ones which have called "enhanced interrogation" by its real name, although many have exposed the fact that it was originally implemented by the Third Reich. (Only LaRouche has traced its origins to the Satanic British Empire, which created the Third Reich.) Furthermore, a lot of the reporting on it has been intended to wave it under our noses and to dare us to realize what it actually is, or to rub our noses in our powerlessness to stop it, at least with a direct assault.

Perhaps a good approach to expose at least the lack of admissible motive would be to ask the proponents of "enhanced interrogation" to justify each technique which has been used, as determined by separately interviewing prisoners who have been released from US custody. I imagine that simply watching many of these prisoners describe their ordeals would be quite a shock to most Americans. For that matter, why don't we put Jose Padilla on TV and get a look at what's left of his mind, if anything? Imagine that - "staunch American patriots" stripping people not only of their freedom, but their very ability to BE free - i.e. their free will, their mind and their desire to live. What could be more American?

Of course, the advocates of "enhanced interrogation" within the US government would claim that the former prisoners' descriptions were false, or that much of the abuse they describe was unauthorized. My response would then be to ask why unauthorized techniques were allowed, considering the likelihood that they would turn the entire world, or at least the Muslim world, against the US. So, their problem is that they just can't get all their lies straight, and this is why they hide behind the "state secrets provision." Forcing them to answer our question in court would require them to admit that they had no good motive, meaning that their motives must have been purely evil, which is indeed the case.

Their campaign of evil continues, partly in the form of a campaign of big lies, and partly as mentioned above by daring us to realize what it really is, and by tormenting us with our powerlessness to stop it. Don't let them paralyze your mind too - keep thinking and don't believe any of their lies. Not only is "enhanced interrogation" evil, counterproductive, and useless for its ostensible purpose, but it cannot be anything but evil and it was never intended to be anything but evil. Its proponents have no choice but to continue to lie until they die, now that they've dug themselves into such a hole.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The lie-to-"truth" converter: an endless loop

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s ongoing release of the Guantanamo Bay prison files, and large numbers of classified State Department cables, attempts to expose what he calls American corruption.

But supporters of the George W. Bush administration’s global war on terrorism say the nearly 800 Guantanamo files show that “enhanced” interrogations of hundreds of captured operatives at secret overseas prisons and at the Cuban prison amounted to one of the most successful intelligence operations in history.

As if Wikileaks couldn't be some intelligence operation to feed us lies disguised as the hidden truth, or as if they're not being played by US intelligence, which knows the value of the limited hangout.

Why is it that the only "evidence" we ever see that "enhanced interrogation" works is in the form of its "respectable" proponents simply saying "it works, trust us." If it worked, why is there so much excitement about the "treasure trove" of data obtained from OBL? Why does Al Qaeda still exist after a decade of a "war on terror?" Why are we still afraid of more, even bigger attacks? They want it both ways - to say the the "war" is a success, and yet that the terrorist threat is still as bad as ever, and that the "war" needs to continue. So, they're just lying their butts off, and each time someone presents some evidence or logic that proves that they're lying, they lie some more. THEY LIED US INTO THIS WAR, AND THEY HAVEN'T STOPPED LYING SINCE. It's no surprise that one of Bush's speechwriters, whose specialty is crafting hypnotic lies, is now defending this old lie.

Even if "enhanced interrogation" didn't have purely evil motives behind it, and it actually provided useful information on a timely basis, it's still counterproductive because it turns the entire world against us. America is supposed to be moral and honorable, and simply doing so will go a long way to winning wars. Naturally, those who support coercive "interrogations" would say that this wouldn't help, because our enemies are purely evil and hate us for our freedom, which is contradicted by their claims about the "Arab Spring," which bin Laden also supposedly supported.

The only solution is Glass-Steagall, which will decapitate the British snake which is behind all of this, which got its start at the Tavistock Institute in Merry Olde England, and from there spread to Nazi Germany, a British "Frankenstein" monster that turned on it.

Is marijuana literally the "Devil's" weed?

CAMPAIGNERS are urging the Government to reverse its decision to reclassify cannabis amid fears of its "destructive" link to schizophrenia.

It comes after the Echo revealed an independent inquiry is set to take place into the care and treatment of double Sunderland killer and paranoid schizophrenic Sean Crone.

Crone stabbed Ian Lawson, 25, more than 20 times with two kitchen knives, before going on to kill Simon Richardson, 27.

During his trial, Sheffield Crown Court was told the 26-year-old had been a prolific cannabis user since he was 14, and had also taken other drugs.
"The fact that Britain has become the cannabis capital of Europe is an indictment of the way in which professionals and governments have ignored years of mounting evidence that, far from it being a relatively harmless recreational drug, for vulnerable people, especially teenagers, the innocent spliff in the playground, or chilling out, could trigger a journey of life-long disintegration."

Crone was sentenced to an indefinite period at the maximum security Rampton Hospital last month.

Ms Wallace added: "We have growing evidence from our 1,000 callers a week that the current culture of taking cannabis makes treatment difficult and adversely affects the prognosis for those who become psychotic.

"While an inquiry would have been welcomed before the lowering of the classification of cannabis last year – making it more easily available and giving out messages that it is relatively harmless – we would urge the Government to reverse its decision on classification urgently, backing that with a multi-million pound education and awareness campaign on the dangers of cannabis for young people whose brains are developing."
DEMENTED Deyan Deyanov tried to kill a man with a rock just months before he beheaded British grandmother Jennifer Mills-Westley, it emerged yesterday.

The maniac smashed security guard Fermin Suarez Perez, 45, in the face on the island of Tenerife. And police yesterday revealed Deyanov, 28, was on bail for that attack and had been arrested THREE times since January – but was freed to murder Jennifer, 60, in Los Cristianos last Friday.
Fermin, who needed 14 stitches, said: “It’s unbelievable they let him out. If they had kept him in for treatment Jennifer would still be alive.”

Former Spanish soldier Fermin added: “He smoked lots of cannabis, heroin and crack cocaine. He was a time bomb waiting to go off.
THE maniac who beheaded a British gran in Tenerife filmed himself declaring: "I hate human beings" in a chilling video shot on the island.

Deyan Deyanov, 28, is seen puffing on a marijuana joint, rowing with his boss and asking a pal if he likes drugs, ice cream and BOMBS.

Don't forget Deyanov's numerous insane references to "God," such as claiming that he was on a mission from God (while simultaneously obsessing about the movie Predator, perhaps indicating the nature of his god), and saying "God is on Earth," which he was heard saying immediately after killing Jennifer Mills-Wheatley. (Note that I've indicated these insane, wild atrocities are intended to proclaim Satan's actual presence in the world, and his intent toward mankind, in contrast to the typical silly beliefs about Satan's goals and methods.) So, perhaps the Spirit of Darkness were feeding him ideas. Note that Andrea Yates also had all sorts of strange beliefs which "explained" her crime.

I've noticed that some critics of Christianity have used an image of Jesus Christ which was found in Deyanov's dwelling as an excuse to attack Christianity, when every other aspect of Deyanov's life indicates that he was a de facto Satanist (defined as someone who cultivates Satanic possession of one form or another, which is always done unwittingly, although typically as a result of deliberately performing SRA in the mistaken belief that it has some other purpose).

It also just so happens that Sean Crone, a heavy pot smoker from a young age, and a schizophrenic, committed double murder in a location near the ley line that runs along the east coast of Great Britain. So, there seems to be a link between heavy pot smoking early in life and schizophrenia, and another between schizophrenia near ley lines and possession by the Spirits of Darkness. This might be one of the reasons why Satan's British Empire has been pushing marijuana and other mind-dulling drugs for so long (besides the incredible amount of money it makes from doing so). However, considering that many people smoke weed without becoming psychotic killers, it would be at most one factor which contributes to the development of schizophrenia in some people. Still, there is no doubt that it impedes clear thinking, and this alone helps the British empire achieve its goals.

When you consider the mind-boggling "laxness" on the part of the police and mental health system in Deyanov's case, you have to wonder whether they're deliberately allowing maniacs who have been drugged up with illegal and/or psychiatric drugs (some of which are known to cause hostility) to run around free. I think they should be investigated for dereliction of duty, or worse.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The guy playing President prattles about "progress" on the other side of the planet

Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama on Thursday placed the United States squarely on the side of democratic reform in the Middle East and North Africa, declaring in a major policy speech that the wave of change sweeping the region "cannot be denied."

The latest scripts for the British Empire's American President puppet seem to be intended to spin the global economic collapse into better ratings for their useful tool. So, even as the country he ostensibly leads is disintegrating, we see him blabbing about "democratic uprisings" in the Mideast, which are actually local reactions to the local effects of the global economic collapse, perhaps with some help from British agents provocateur.

Cheney's memoirs out soon

NEW YORK — Dick Cheney has finished his memoir, according to his daughter, and the book is scheduled to come out on Aug. 30.
Liz Cheney said that the former vice president’s manuscript was turned in at the beginning of the month. She said the book, currently being edited, will be “very straightforward,” with “a lot of in-depth analysis of really critically important issues.”

Finally, the long awaited rationale behind penis-slicing! That must be why the Supreme Court prevented it from being heard in court.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Supreme Court protects war criminals, put us at risk

PESHAWAR: Two hundred thirty eight innocent civilians were killed while forty got injured in the drone attacks in tribal areas in the contemporary year sine 1st January till date.
45 people were killed in the drone attack on a Jirga soon after the releases of Raymond Davis, after which Chief of Army staff strongly condemned this drone attack.

Try to imagine living in this area, and not knowing whether you will be killed by a missile out of the blue at any moment. That's sheer terror. Conveniently, the British Empire, through its Pakistani cut-outs and Saudi funders, have provided a network of madrassas to recruit them and turn some of them into suicide bombers.

So, the twisted motive for bombing this area is not to stop terrorism, but to INFLICT terror and to CREATE "Islamic terrorists." If you doubt that elements within the US military-intelligence complex are sufficiently cynical and malignant to do this, just reflect on its predilection for penis-slicing. The fear of being imprisoned FOR NO REASON AT ALL and subjected to such depravity, was a major part of the reason for Muslim hatred of the US, and to wage war on the US. Now, this has been replaced by air-terror, so perhaps our penis-slicers are now designating drone targets.

This "war" is not protecting us - it's putting us in great danger, considering the potential for these manufactured enemies to obtain a nuclear weapon in Pakistan. By upholding Obama's "right" to declare the motive behind penis-slicing to be a state secret, the Supreme Court has protected the war criminals of organized Satanism which could bring nuclear terror upon us.

Strauss-Kahn's "Lewinsky" treatment

Repeat: "...a fundamental rethinking of economic theory".... (a greater) "distribution of income"...(more) "regulation of financial companies", "central banks need to do more to prevent lending and asset prices from expanding too fast".

Are you kidding me? Read that passage again and I think you'll agree with me that Strauss-Kahn had signed his own death warrant.

It would seem that Strauss-Kahn had charted a course for the world economy other than straight over a cliff, so he had to go. Likewise, Bill Clinton was set up with Lewinsky, knowing that he would find her hard to resist, after uttering a few words about a new global financial system along the lines which LaRouche proposes. Linda Tripp, a George H.W. Bush stay-behind, was assigned to watch them like a hawk.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No radiation sickness - just a lot of hair set on fire

You wouldn't know it from the ongoing meltdown of Prince Philip's anti-nuclear virtual reality, most recently superimposed on the Fukushima disaster, but not one person has even become sick from radiation. The media has gone so far as to insinuate that three people have died of radiation, but the fact is that they died from other causes. It is a testament to the safety of even these outdated designs that they can sustain such massive damage and still be brought under control without anyone being seriously harmed by radiation.

Spanish police knew where Tenerife psycho was, didn't pick him up

After another round of random violence, a Spanish judge had issued on May 10, just three days before the Mills-Westley's death, a nationwide arrest warrant. Because Deyanov was homeless and did not have an exact address, he was never picked up. According to Bulgarian media reports, "the Spanish police knew exactly where he was, but probably played down the importance of his case".

I find it hard to believe that anyone can be so stupid. It's almost as if he was allowed to prey on people to see what would happen.

Spanish police pegged him as a danger three months before his attack on Mills-Westley but, despite him being on their radar, apparently did nothing

Reports also claimed he was obsessed with the 1897 Arnold Schwarzengger film Predator in which Alians cut their victims' heads off for sport.

A friend told the Daily Mirror: "He enjoyed the way the Predators hunted and beheaded their victims. And he was also showing his tattoo off."

An alien predator is an apt description of Satanic possession of the Spirits of Darkness and demonic varieties. However, in this case, I suspect the former, because Spirits of Darkness (from the ranks of the Angels) seem to have a tendency to use people to commit some wild, inhuman act which says "Satan was here," and to then dispose of them. Someone who is possessed by a demon (a nature-spirit or "elemental" dedicated to destruction by design) is more cunning, and remaining unnoticed seems to be paramount.

The new face on intelligence-agency terror

(CNN) -- An Egyptian who was once a Special Forces officer has been appointed "caretaker" leader of al Qaeda in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death, according to a source with detailed knowledge of the group's inner workings.

Al Qaeda's interim leader is Saif al-Adel, who has long played a prominent role in the group, according to Noman Benotman. Benotman has known the al Qaeda leadership for more than two decades. He was once a leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a militant organization that used to be aligned with al Qaeda, but in recent years renounced al Qaeda's ideology.

Why did we kill bin Laden? Didn't it have something to do with discouraging terrorism? Well, with all that intelligence we got from his crib, Al Qaeda will be history in no time. You betcha.

On eve of full Moon, Supreme court protects the President's right to protect penis-slicers

U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a ruling against five men who sued a CIA contractor for its alleged role in abducting them abroad and spiriting them to secret interrogation sites. The court says the president has the power to scuttle their lawsuit because of national security.
Lead plaintiff Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian-born British resident, spent four years at the U.S. detention compound at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after confessing to plotting terrorism. Mohamed told the war crimes tribunal at Guantanamo that he confessed to crimes he didn't commit because he was tortured during his CIA detention, including having his genitals sliced with a scalpel.
What is the state secrets privilege?

The state secrets privilege (SSP) is a common law privilege that allows the head of an executive department to REFUSE to produce evidence in a court case on the grounds that the evidence is secret information that would harm national security or foreign relation interests if disclosed.

When and how was the SSP established?

The state secrets privilege originates in England where the law allows the king or queen the “Crown Privilege,” which grants the monarch the absolute right to refuse to share information with Parliament or the courts.

The U.S. Supreme Court then borrowed the SSP almost entirely from the Duncan standard during a Cold War case, Reynolds v. United States, 345 U.S. 1 (1953). . The Court did so without discussing the differences between our system of checks and balances and England’s system where Parliament is all powerful.

Dear President Obama:

I know that the use of penis-slicing as a national strategy is a very touchy subject because we never know when we're going to have to whip it out, and if such information were to leak out all over the internet and become common knowledge worldwide, our intelligence agencies' tiny cadre of highly-trained penis-slicers, as well as the rest of the US military, would be put at risk of reprisals. Besides, terrorists might take countermeasures, such as blowing themselves up to avoid capture, or cutting off their penises. So, I assume that you cannot reply to the following questions, but I hope you will think about them.

A) Are you satisfied that the rationale for slicing penises as a means of defending the US was ever valid?

B) Has the US government sponsored any research into penis-slicing to refine its use as a means of interrogation?

C) What would you say to those whose penises have been sliced in the name of national security even though there was no chance that they knew anything useful?

D) Have you and/or Secretary Gates met with penis-slicers in private to thank them for their service to the nation? Have you considered moving them around the world from luxury hotel to luxury hotel to protect them, while cutting the pay of the US military in half and sending them out on IED patrol in blistering heat?

E) Have you considered telling idealistic young Americans that they too might be called upon to slice penises to defend their country? Have they been warned that other countries might adopt this practice, now that the US President has declared that it is not a war crime to do so, and that their penises might be sliced by foreigners who have not been through the rigorous training given to US intelligence agents? Might you consider working with the UN to establish international penis-slicing standards in order to ensure that it is performed legally everywhere?

Well, that's the questions I have with for the time being, but if I have more, I'll send them along, you old penis-slicer lover, you.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tenerife maniac cut loose after consult with shrinks

He was sent to a psychiatric unit at the Nuestra Senora de Candalaria hospital in the island's capital Santa Cruz but was later released on bail, a decision made by the magistrate after consulting doctors.

Sound familiar?

HUD's "war on homelessness": another raging Satanist success

WASHINGTON — The federal government’s largest housing construction program for the poor has squandered hundreds of millions of dollars on stalled or abandoned projects and routinely failed to crack down on delinquent developers or the local housing agencies that funded them.

This doesn't surprise me a bit, since I've known for years that HUD is yet another vehicle for organized Satanism, which also runs property management in general. Look at the "war on terror," which is advanced Satanism on a vast scale, with most of the coalition soldiers as victims of the Satanist ("Nietzschean master class") faction, along with the native population. This is the actual source of the terrorism, disguised with intelligence-agency layers and "Islamic" layers. To us, it's a dismal failure, but from Satanism's perspective, it's been a great run.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Media blackout on those responsible for Tenerife terror

Bulgarian Deyan Valentinov, 28, has been arrested by Spanish police on suspicion of stabbing and decapitating a British woman in a Tenerife (Spain) supermarket Friday.

The information was reported by Sky News Saturday.

Valentinov is reportedly homeless and has a history of mental health issues and a police record.

According to local newspaper La Opinion, Valentinov had received treatment at the psychiatric unit of a local hospital in February after being involved in previous violent incidents.

What I find so interesting is that the media hasn't expressed any interest in getting to the bottom of how this madman was allowed to run loose, or why he wasn't apprehended when someone reported being terrorized by him. It just reports that a madman with a history of psychiatric treatment, violence, and police encounters was running loose threatening people, that one of them asked for protection, was given false assurances, and was then butchered by the madman, after which he was incarcerated. End of story. Perhaps the media is waiting for the bankers to return to work and identify the official scapegoats.

"Liberal" publication bemoans abandonment of public, yet supports Green agenda

The word public, as in public schools or public option, has become a dirty word in, uh, public life. The question is, can a nation survive once it has abandoned not just moral notions of the public good but the positive notion that there is a public?
Master-slave morality is a central theme of Friedrich Nietzsche's works, in particular the first essay of On the Genealogy of Morality. Nietzsche argued that there were two fundamental types of morality: 'Master morality' and 'slave morality'.
In this sense, the master morality is the full recognition that oneself is the measure of all things. Insomuch as something is helpful to the strong-willed man it is like what he values in himself; therefore, the strong-willed man values such things as 'good'. MASTERS ARE CREATORS OF MORALITY; slaves respond to master-morality with their slave-morality.
The essence of slave morality is utility: the good is what is most useful for the whole community, not the strong. Nietzsche saw this as a contradiction, "AND HOW COULD THERE EXIST A 'COMMON GOOD'! The expression is a self-contradiction: what can be common has ever been but little value. In the end it must be as it has always been: great things are for the great, abysses for the profound, shudders and delicacies, for the refined, and, in sum, all rare things for the rare."

You must realize that Nietzsche was in no way trying to be objective - he was selling the ABANDONMENT of morality as a "higher" morality. He was in fact an empty shell, a mouthpiece for Satan's BS. What the referenced article identifies is the creation of a master-slave "society" by Satan's followers, of which an apt symbol is the incident at Nissour Square in Iraq, when Blackwater (appropriately named after sewage) slaughtered and maimed a bunch of Iraqis and pretended to have been defending themselves. Their favored means for killing off the slaves they don't need is "carbon reduction," and of course anti-nuclear-energy hysteria, both of which are supported by the same "liberal" publication which claims to be so concerned with the public good.

The fantasy behind the claim that torture is effective and moral

The notion that torture is an effective interrogation method is based on the TV show 24, in which super-soldier Bauer would almost always get his hands on some vile character who could directly or indirectly provide important information about a WMD about to go off, and immediately begin to put the fear of death into them, or do things which to most people would be unimaginable, but which turned out to be effective. (One of my favorite lines was "I'm going to need a hacksaw.") There is no resemblance between this fantasy and "enhanced interrogation." "Enhanced interrogation" is cruel and degrading treatment that does not rise to the level of torture, or at least torture that leaves physical scars, of people who typically couldn't possibly provide useful information. It does not put the fear of death into its victims and force them to blurt out their secrets - it fills them with hatred for their captors and destroys their souls. Furthermore, an examination of the actual, insane interrogations associated with "enhanced interrogation" indicates that they are not intended to obtain useful information, but to induce "learned helplessness" and to generate false confessions and false allegations against others. It might utterly destroy the victim's soul, but at least he'll look good (pretty much the purpose of modern "culture"), and it might open the perpetrator's soul to Satanic possession. So, it's not just evil, but about as evil as possible. The fact that it has continued for so long despite these problems indicates that these problems are its actual purposes.

In reality, as many have pointed out, there is rarely, if ever, a situation in which torture of the sort that Bauer dished out would help any more than traditional, legal interrogation methods. Yet this fantasy has become a sort of subliminal justification for "enhanced interrogation." So, since there are rarely or never any instances in which it would be useful, because of its numerous (supposedly) undesirable effects (including the fact that it creates enemies faster than we can kill or capture them), and because it is evil, torture (or even "Cheney's Cheney" David Addington's "legally not quite torture") has no place in a civilized society dedicated to doing good, as America ostensibly is. Simply living up to to the American ideal, or trying to do so, would be sufficient to gain the cooperation of the vast majority of mankind, and that's precisely why Satan's British Empire had to subvert it and turn it into its opposite.

What would Satan have against Jennifer Mills-Westley?

‘He was getting worse and worse, really scaring people over the past few days. He would say to people, “I am God and I’m going to strike you down. I’m going to destroy you”.’

By all accounts, the victim of the recent seemingly unprovoked butchery by a madman (allowed to wander freely in the name of balancing budgets, no doubt, perhaps with a black-ops shrink fresh from a "black site" dungeon somewhere in the "war on terror" zone monitoring his "progress" from the shadows) was a good mother, a good grandmother, and an overall decent person. It took me a while to realize that as a symbol of the good mother, a pillar of society, she would have made a suitable target for Satan to announce his presence and his intent toward mankind once again. Also note that the attack came a couple of weeks after Mother's Day, which was on May 1st in Spain, but most predominantly on May 8th in countries in general (see Wikipedia entry on Mother's Day).

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wild butchery in Spanish resort area bears similarities to Tucson mass shooting (revised - see Notes)

A British woman has been beheaded in front of horrified tourists in a supermarket on the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife, allegedly by a man who claimed he was a 'Prophet of God'.

The woman, who was described as being in her 60s, was in a shop in the town of Arona, about 10 miles from the popular beach resort of Los Christianos, when she was stabbed and then decapitated.

According to witnesses, the attacker, who is thought to be a homeless man of Bulgarian origin, entered the store, grabbed a knife and launched a frenzied and unprovoked assault.

The attacker, who apparently had a history of violent behaviour, then decapitated her before leaving the store carrying her head. Today Spanish newspapers said police had arrested a 28-year-old man named locally as "Deyan Valentinov D", declining to give his full surname.

It was also claimed that he had spent time in a psychiatric hospital and thought he was a "Prophet of God". Local news website site CanariasalDia.com quoted the local mayor, José Reverón, as saying that the man, who lived in a semi-derelict house, had shouted: "God is on Earth".

Mr Reverón added that the attacker was known to local police for his often threatening behaviour in the street, and had once knocked a man's teeth out, raising questions as to why he had not been kept him under closer supervision.

"God is on Earth?" Well, perhaps some spirit who says he's God, anyways. Satan is supposed to incarnate sometime about now, but precisely when is not for me to know. Perhaps this was the announcement of his arrival.

The wild, inhuman nature of this act strikes me as similar to the nature of the mass murder committed by reportedly Nietzsche-reading, possibly schizophrenic, and also undersupervised [1] Jared Loughner, much closer to a ley line (just SE of the intersection of Oracle Rd. & Ina Rd. in Tucson, Arizona, USA, approximately 2 miles from a ley line, vs. about 15 miles in the recent incident). Note that the more recent attack took place closer to the Summer solstice, when nature-spirit activity peaks in the northern hemisphere.

For the significance of the proximity to ley lines, see my web-page entitled Satanism and the Earth-Grid.


revision: Expanded opening remark after article-excerpt, and added note below.

[1] By under-supervised, I mean APPARENTLY under-supervised. It is possible that they were being manipulated from behind the scenes, perhaps even someone working in league with the Spirits of Darkness, who if they have sufficient motive will take possession of someone with a weak, suggestible mind, and perhaps someone with average mental strength. Another possibility is that they take possession of a weak mind, and imbue it with their own intelligence. Rudolf Steiner once referred to such possession as if it were more or less permanent, but this would probably be because it served their purposes to take possession for a long time.

Biden comes out of the Nazi closet too

Vice-President Joe Biden, managing Obama's killer budget cut negotiations with Congress, has declared, "Everything—including entitlements (Medicare and Social Security)—is on the table."

Well, everything except whatever the British Empire demands.

"bin Laden's porn"

Gee, why not go all the way and say that they discovered GAY porn? If you're trying to push his followers over the edge and into committing suicide bombings, that might help.

What does Demonic Dick like to watch? Endless loops of his greatest hit - 9/11? Snuff and torture videos? Images of dead and mangled bodies?

Friday, May 13, 2011

What PBS Need to Know needs to know

In a joint investigation with the Nation Institute Investigative Fund and reporter Joshua Phillips, Need to Know reveals, for the first time, the inner workings of a little-known U.S. military task force charged with examining cases of detainee abuse in Iraq. One of the special agents in charge describes the task force as under-resourced and hampered by a bureaucracy unable or unwilling to facilitate its investigations.

Phillips, who cracked open the secret world of American soldiers who admitted to torturing detainees in his book “None of Us Were Like This Before,” now focuses on whether allegations of torture have been properly investigated by the U.S. military.

Obviously to me, the Detainee Abuse Task Force (9 3 6 11) was just another way for the Nietzschean "Ubermensch" faction within the military to inflict abuse on actual human soldiers. They clearly regard it as a joke, even later denying that it ever officially existed. Perhaps it never did officially exist, but was just a group of people given the trappings of an organization and a task, in order to inflict SRA on them in the form of frustrating their every attempt to get to the bottom of things and punish the criminals. One thing I could tell them is that they will never understand why their investigations were so thoroughly thwarted without facing organized Satanism's control of the military-intelligence complex. Those who are considering joining the military should also be informed. In the words of Michael J. Fox in Casualties of War [1], "this ain't the Army, Sarge."

[1] About "Nam," another case of Satanism disguised as a war.

The Satanic ritual abuse of Amanda Knox

Although the "case" against Amanda Knox has been demolished, the Italian "justice" system has to coddle Giuliano Mignini, the likely Satanist sanctimoniously posing as a Catholic "Satanist hunter" (who has yet to find one that fits into his fantasy) who has put this girl through hell, because it just wouldn't be right to hold a member of the Nietzschean master-race accountable for any offenses against a member of the slave-race, who are after all not quite human. It appears that he will be allowed to claim that the DNA evidence existed at one time, but has disappeared due to the passage of time, to protect him from lawsuits and prosecution. It also appears that he'll be able to claim that his drug-addled main witness fooled him. Furthermore, even though his "case" has not been proven, he can still claim to have had a good motive. His image is also being protected by destroying Amanda Knox's character in the media, such as by turning Mignini's lurid fantasies into a movie. So, he'll be able to wriggle off the hook for this crime, although he faces charges of prosecutorial abuse, and perhaps his misconduct in the Amanda Knox case will seal his fate and put an end to his vile career. Eventually, he'll die and receive justice.

SEALs must have been ordered to shoot "OBL" in the face

"There is no question in my mind that bin Laden is dead," Sen. Nelson told 10 News. "I examined the pictures and compared them to pictures that we had of bin Laden when he was living and the facial features are exactly the same."

He would not go into detail about what he saw in some of the pictures, which other senators who were given access have described as "quite gruesome" and "pretty messy."

The SEALs evidently knew that there would be a need to prove to the entire world that bin Laden had been killed because they reportedly had a portable DNA lab with them (apparently some of that alien technology from Area 51, because they cut several hours off the previous record for identifying DNA, and out in the field), but it would have been so much more convenient if they simply avoided shooting him in the face. A few bullets in the upper body would have put him out of business, assuming it was even necessary to shoot him. Why not just toss a stun grenade into his bedroom after him? (Here again, the story has changed. We were originally told that they had orders to kill bin Laden, but now we're being told that they would have captured him if it were possible. I assume that the first version was correct: they had orders to shoot him, and in the face so that there would be an excuse to avoid publishing the photos.)

Intelligence agency terrorism and fairy tales

On the one hand, we have movies such as Enemy of the State (starring Gene Hackman) about the all-seeing eye of US intelligence, and on the other hand, we have claims about "lone wolf" terrorists and bin Laden's email system. As far a "lone wolves," I'd like to hear an explanation for how they would obtain plans for WMD without setting off alarms at this late date.

So, here's how I'd track bin Laden: find some known associate, and put a tail on him. If he goes to an internet cafe and sends email, monitor its email traffic and determine where it's going. Then determine the location or locations from which it is retrieved, and with enough time and manpower, you would eventually find bin Laden. But then, if you don't really want to find him, because you want some "Goldstein" to justify the "war" which at the outset was dubbed "the long war" ("a long cakewalk?"), you find some way to explain his "disappearance."

If an intelligence agency (or a faction within all intelligence agencies) is actually running terrorism, and projecting its crimes onto "Islamic" phantoms with an amazing ability to otherwise elude detection, you'd expect just what has been happening: a decade of relentless terrorism and an endless series of lame excuses for it. It's like the stock market: there's a change, and some joker at the Ministry of Truth "explains" it in a way that manipulates us to their advantage at the moment. Likewise, when a bomb goes off after "bin Laden's death," it's "revenge for bin Laden's death." The correct answer is determined by observing the results: a continuation of the rabid-dog fight known as the "war on terror," and the gradual unraveling of civilization.

Two months to the day after initial meltdown warnings, media renews panic over "ongoing meltdown"

The following excerpts indicate that our buddies, the British oligarchy (which gives itself a fresh coat of whitewash with a periodic wedding-bash) is still milking the "nuclear catastrophe" in Japan for all they can, although the consequences to humans are negligible, and the radioactive water discharged into the ocean will eventually become so diluted that it will have no long-term effect.
Engineers from the Tokyo Electric Power company (Tepco) entered the No.1 reactor at the end of last week for the first time and saw the top five feet or so of the core's 13ft-long fuel rods had been exposed to the air and melted down.
Previously, Tepco believed that the core of the reactor was submerged in enough water to keep it stable and that only 55 per cent of the core had been damaged.

Now the company is worried that the molten pool of radioactive fuel may have burned a hole through the bottom of the containment vessel, causing water to leak.
TEPCO on Thursday said new measurements taken this week, after workers in protective suits fixed gauges in the badly-hit reactor one building, indicated that water pumped into the pressure vessel had quickly leaked out.

The water level inside had fallen below the bottom of the four-metre long fuel rods, suggesting they had been exposed to the air, increasing the risk of a dangerous full meltdown.

However, the vessel’s relatively low outside temperature of 100-120°C indicated that the rods had dropped to the bottom of the vessel and were under water, TEPCO said.

“The temperature of the pressure vessel was 100-120°C, which is considered to be the level where the fuel rods are being cooled down in a relatively stable manner,” a TEPCO official said.
from Fresh leaks at Japan nuke plant [Note: the leaks aren't fresh - this has been suspected since days after the tsunami hit.]
Japan's Kyodo News reported on Saturday afternoon, Japan time, in an article entitled "URGENT: Concerns of core partially melting at Fukushima nuke plant," that there are indications that a reactor core at Fukushima No. 1 is, indeed, beginning to melt down.
from Japanese nuke meltdown may be underway (MARCH 12th, 2011) [See?]
China's Academy of Sciences said it had chosen a "thorium-based molten salt reactor system". Chinese scientists claim hazardous waste will be a thousand times less than with uranium. Meanwhile a Russian expert who worked on the clean-up of Chernobyl told the Wall Street Journal the Japanese at Fukushima did the right thing by releasing radioactive water into the ocean.

Vladimir Uiba, head of Russia's Federal Medical-Biological Agency, compared the Japanese seawater contamination with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and said the spill had caused a far more serious impact on the environment than the Fukushima accident.
from Nuclear future can be viable [This article in particular is a good antidote to all the anti-nuclear hysteria running rampant in the media in general.]
Although elevated levels of radiation have been found in milk and vegetables in the regions surrounding the plant, and experts advise not eating any seafood caught within 30 kilometers offshore, the effects on wildlife in the sea, according to Bill Camplin, of England’s Center for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, are unlikely to be severe. That’s because ocean currents and natural dilution by the sea water are likely to spare marine life and underwater ecosystems

The ocean can absorb significant amounts of radioactive materials such as iodine-131 and cesium-137, the two most common radioactive isotopes coming from the plant, before it becomes unsafe for marine animals or humans, although health authorities must still monitor seafood, seaweed and other ocean products. Ken Buessler, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Massachusetts notes that iodine and cesium are soluble; they would be diluted in waters 100 to 300 feet down then carried off by the current. Authorities will be monitoring the Pacific waters and any fish caught in it to be sold for consumption for some time to ensure safety.
The government's special task force dealing with the ongoing nuclear crisis said it plans to introduce a cleanup and recycling system for the highly radioactive water piling up at the disaster-hit Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant by the end of June.
To date, a total of around 87,500 metric tons of radioactive water has been found piling up at the accident site as a result of pouring water into the buildings accommodating the nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools in a bid to avoid overheating. With the cooling operations continuing at the facility, contaminated water will continue to increase.

Report on Loughner's college's policies contains potential signs of black op

I was referred to a report on how Jared Loughner's college responded to his insane behavior, and found that it contains possible indications of a "black" operation. The most tantalyzing passage is the following:
The police [Pima Community College campus police] mental illness procedures do contain information about Arizona Title 36, and it specifies conditions under which the officer may invoke the law and have someone committed for an involuntary evaluation, either directly or by way of calling a MAC team for assistance.

But the emphasis is on the word "may."
As 9 On Your Side has reported, two police officers responding to one of Loughner's outbursts did advise a counselor that they believed Loughner was suffering from mental health issues. One officer documented that observation in his police report. But despite the concern about Loughner's mental health, neither officer triggered a Title 36 intervention.
Who actually decided? Perhaps the officers were just going by the recommendation of the counselor, who might have been in contact with Loughner's unseen handlers.

The last throes of mid-May 2011

Taliban retaliates with Pakistan suicide bombings Two suicide bombings in Pakistan have killed at least 80 people, most of them military recruits. The Pakistani Taliban is claiming responsibility for the attacks on the Pakistani military, saying the bombings were in retaliation for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Ullah Ihsan, a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, has accused the Pakistani military of telling the United States where bin Laden was hiding and threatened, "Pakistani and the U.S. forces should be ready for more attacks."

This had nothing to do with bin Laden's death, which happened years ago as a result of Marfan syndrome. It's just as likely that it was in revenge for the start of commercial operations of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant unit 2, on May 12th. It was ISI-run terrorism perpetrated mainly to keep the chaos and economic collapse going, with a bone thrown to British agent Obama (i.e. "proof" that he killed OBL) by virtue of the timing and the claims that it was in revenge for OBL's supposed death. So, this was actually economic warfare, another name for which is "free trade." If you care to search EIR's database, you'll find that it's ultimately run by the British through the ISI and the Saudis. On the other hand, you have British agents in the US military-intelligence complex, choosing targets which mainly serve to fan the flames of hatred toward the US, which is reflected in the rationale for attacking these recruits.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Loughner's college's procedures: no involuntary committment

I was referred to a report by Tucson TV station KGUN regarding Pima Community College's response to Loughner's disruptive and threatening behavior. It states that the college's procedures did not include the option of forcing a student to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, which left them no option but to do what they did. However, the report indicates that the University of Arizona, also in Tucson, does have procedures to require those suspected of being a threat due to a mental disorder to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

The report also indicates that at one point, a campus security officer was asked to remain in the area of a class which Loughner was attending. So, it seems to me that someone must have wondered why the college's procedures did not include an option to have him committed to a mental institution, and that these concerns should have worked their way up to the level of those who create the policies.

This has me wondering once again whether the college had a hidden motive for protecting Loughner from incarceration, such as that he was being used as part of a black operation to do precisely what he ended up doing (but with Giffords dead, to put someone who thinks more like Trump in her place), which is what LaRouche initially suspected. The sheriff's department was apparently familiar with Loughner's case, and it would have known that he had at least one gun.

"bin Laden's" final portrait on display for Senate ghouls

A US senator permitted to view secret photographs of Osama bin Laden's corpse has described "pretty grotesque" images of a badly mutilated body that leave no doubt that the al-Qaida leader is dead.

What I find so difficult to believe is that the military supposedly had the foresight to carry a DNA-analysis lab along with them to identify the body (and managed to perform an analysis in a few hours, which is a scientific breakthrough), but then they shot him in the FACE!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darn it! We forgot about "lone wolves!"

The notion that a lone wolf could at this stage in the "war on terrorism," when babies' diapers are being inspected at airports, is absurd. Wasn't Tim McVeigh pretty much a lone wolf? (Not that he pulled off the OKC bombing by himself, but the feds would have us believe that he did, so it would have had to cross their minds.) I don't see how anyone could escape the NSA's dragnet after all the time they've had to refine their data-mining technology. If I type up a shopping list (even without saving it) without first disconnecting my internet connection, and leaving it disconnected until after I go shopping, something on that list is inevitably missing from the shelf by the time I hit the store, just to let me know that they know every keystroke that I type. (It all goes into the Windows reserved area on the hard drive, whether or not it's saved to a file. Did you think Bill Gates became so rich by being so uniquely intelligent? He's just a tool of the NSA, and he'll spend his billions as they decree - for depopulation.) If any "lone nut" were to search even for instructions on making an improvised explosive, or to start asking around at on-line forums, they'd know, and they'd be all over him. What else is he going to do? Get the info at a library? A bookstore? Perhaps find a sleeper agent for Al Qaeda like you're supposed to find a Triangles cell (i.e. a virtual organization consisting of an "encoded" description of organized Satanism) - by sending out the right mental vibes?

To prevent gun violence on trains, I think we need a realistic threat that anyone pulling a gun and threatening passengers is going to die right then and there or to go to prison for a long time. Exactly how that should be accomplished is up to the police.

So, this lone wolf business reeks of a pretext for more intelligence-agency terrorism. The only solution is Glass Steagall, and the Senate Banking subcommittee couldn't be less interested in it without being too obvious. Don't make any major plans unless they include forcing the government to implement Glass-Steagall first, and soon.

Trump's evil (revised)

Trump said Osama bin Laden would not have been caught or killed without what he first called "enhanced interrogation.’’ "We are so politically correct. Nobody wants to say it, nobody wants to use the word. Isn’t that another word for that torture?’’ Trump asked rhetorically. Later he added, "In terms of torture, in terms of enhanced interrogation, we would not have caught bin Laden without it. That’s how we got to him.’’

That's a lie. It doesn't work, and it's very evil. A vote for Trump is a vote for lies and evil, disguised as "success."

In fact, this statement makes Trump even worse than Cheney, because he's now an advocate for TORTURE, by erasing the line between "enhanced interrogation" ("not-torture") and TORTURE. He cannot continue to support this position, and swear to uphold the Constitution. But the fact that he admitted that he believes this disqualifies him from even being considered to be a Presidential candidate.

Private investigators expose "militant" lie

On May 10th, 2011, PBS Frontline featured an investigation into one of those notorious air assaults on "militants" in the "war on terror." Assuming that the investigators' findings are trustworthy, I conclude that the US JSOC knowingly massacred innocent Afghanis (perhaps even targeting someone for turning AGAINST the Taliban), and has been lying, with the help of Gen. Petraeus, to hide this fact. This fits into my concept of this "war," which is that the Satanist faction within the military-intelligence complex (which is typically involved in designating targets), combined with actual "Islamic" terrorists, some of which the British military has been caught flying around Afghanistan in helicopters, are working together to wage a war on civilization and mankind in the region. For example, this episode of Frontline featured an interview with a Taliban commander who had organized a terrorist bombing with killed 70 Afghan civilians. That's the pattern: the British imperial faction, on BOTH SIDES, attacking innocents in the guise of attacking "the occupier" or "militants." (IEDs might kill US solders, but I doubt that members of the Satanist faction are put at risk of falling victim to an IED.)

When the identities and activities of the victims are examined, as in this case, the evil fraud of this "war" is exposed a little, and so you see those who know its true nature devoting a lot of effort to either lying about the identities and/or activities of the victims, or claiming that it was an accident. In this case, they chose the former, and naturally, they claim to have ultra-secret intelligence, which nobody else has, about the target - namely, that he's actually someone else despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Forbes' latest contribution to decarbonization

(Newsroom America) -- Steve Forbes, the founder of one of the nation's premier economic magazines and onetime GOP presidential contender, says he believes the nation will return to the gold standard within five years because doing so would solve a number of economic, fiscal and monetary issues.

"What seems astonishing today could become conventional wisdom in a short period of time," Forbes said in an interview with Human Events magazine, a conservative publication.
The world’s press now contains reports daily from political leaders and financiers warning of such a crash, following which, the oligarchy intends to reverse the fall of the price of gold, and to place the world on a British Commonwealth-controlled deflationary gold standard. Gold will be pegged to as much as $800 per troy ounce. Such an arrangement is meant to shrink the world economy and genocidally slash population. This will repeat, but on a global scale, the experience following the U.S. Specie Resumption Act, a piece of treason enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1875 and implemented in 1879, which virtually bankrupted the United States during 1879-1907.

Well, now we know why Ron Paul, an advocate of the gold standard, is being trotted out by the same Establishment which is currently destroying the world's currencies, as a candidate at this time. Once they've inflated the existing currencies out of existence and killed most of us off, they'll declare gold, which they control, to be the world's currency, in order to keep the world's economy and population small. This is a subliminal theme of Atlas Shrugged, i.e. that gold is reserved for the master race - the Nietzschean gods who created themselves and the global economy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Most American soldiers are victims, not perps

In a recent post, I declared the "war on terror" to be partly Satanism on a vast scale. I forgot to mention that the vast majority of the American soldiers involved in that "war" are victims (along with those we have "liberated") not perps. Their families are also some of the main victims of this "war." A good example of this is how time and time again, we hear of some soldier getting killed just as he's about to return from the "war" to his family. I don't think these cases are accidents.

Decarbonization (wink, wink)

Image: The Grim Decarbonizer

Simon Featherstone, British High Commissioner (ambassador) to Malaysia, lays out the Empire Green low-carbon policy for the colonies in an op-ed in the New Strait Times (the semi-official government paper). Climate change, for Britain is "perhaps the 21st century's biggest foreign policy challenge," according to the Foreign Office, he says. The British government has allocated about $3 billion to their International Climate Fund (ICF), which has just been formally established, to pass this word on to the colonies. The Empire expects to spend half the kitty on helping the "poor and vulnerable countries" reduce carbon emissions and make forests sacrosanct.

It's becoming more obvious daily what they mean by "decarbonization": depopulation. After all, our physical bodies are carbon-based. Ironically, it was the British Empire that gave us the Satanic/materialistic "theory" (religion) of Darwinism, which posits natural selection as an evolutionary driver, but it spends all of its time perpetrating genocide. Why not let nature take care of it? Or are they admitting that Darwinism is a lie?