Saturday, May 7, 2011

The actual terrorists add more insults to injury

(CBS News) One of the most revealing videos of Osama bin Laden released by the Pentagon today presents a startling image: A haggard-looking Osama bin Laden huddled in a blanket and ski cap, holding a remote control, watching television news coverage of himself.

The video shows bin Laden sitting alone in a drab, run-down room in front of an old TV connected by a bundle of bare cables to a satellite receiver.

CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports that the government did not release the audio of the home movie.... Another scene shows the burning towers of the World Trade Center.

The tape was found amidst the mountain of material recovered from bin Laden's lair. The computer disks, handwritten notes, and tapes have now convinced intelligence analysts that bin Laden - to the end - remained the center of his al Qaeda network.
Bin Laden, it seems, was also obsessed with his public image.
It was apparently recorded late last year...between October 9 and November 5. [No audio of the referenced "speech practice" video was provided, perhaps because it would reveal the true vintage.]

This again demonstrates that the black-ops crew that actually runs terrorism and its cover stories have no respect for our intelligence, or aren't all that intelligent themselves. (Maybe "bin Laden" actually did die recently - but WHICH ONE? There appears to have been a few "bin Ladens" over the years.) Why would the great "terrorist mastermind" allow anyone to make video recordings which paint him in such an unflattering light? Why would he still be watching decade-old video of "his greatest hit?" (Answer: it was included in this joke-video to convince us that bin Laden did it.) Why would he leave handwritten notes lying around? I would think that he would avoid keeping much information on Al Qaeda lying around, and have some way to destroy it quickly if it appeared to be about to fall into enemy hands. If this is the level of security practiced by Al Qaeda, how is it that we haven't been able to round up all of its major players in the last DECADE? Clearly, AQ is just a front for something else, such as those who actually run terrorism and created this unflattering video of "OBL," perhaps as a hint that he was really not all that significant.