Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Assume that bin Laden controversy is all an act

Ultimately, all we are told about "bin Laden's" living arrangements and "killing" is what the various governmental officials tell us. For example, they tell us that "his wives" claim that for a couple of years "bin Laden" was living in a village near where he was supposedly killed. Yet, when people from that village were interviewed, they said that they would have known if bin Laden were there, and he wasn't. So, not even the supposed accounts of "bin Laden's wives" or "bin Laden's daughter" can be trusted. As far as we know, they're dead too, and have been replaced by other women shrouded in black who might eventually be trotted out to recite a script.

Nor can we trust the "outraged" Pakistani governmental figures, whose goal is to perhaps explain why elements within Pakistan's intelligence agencies would help Al Qaeda create a nuclear weapon, such as when they report the results of an "investigation" into the situation. It's a safe bet to assume they're all puppets of the British empire.