Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Battle of Wanat as a key to the stage-managed nature of the "war on terror"

Besides the aforementioned tit-for-tat "misdirected" terrorism which comprises a great deal of the "war on terror," there's another aspect, which is a matter of organizing outraged Muslims into "terrorist hordes" with which the US military is seen periodically waging pitched battles, at least until the air support arrives and wipes out this "threat." (In Iraq, the "terrorist hordes" were essentially the Iraqi military and "national guard" in plain clothes, so Anglo-American intelligence-offshoots didn't have to organize them, and they were a far tougher and more tenacious opponent than the current "terrorist hordes.") In fact, all that these "terrorist hordes" can realistically hope to accomplish at this point on a regular basis is hit-and-run attacks (or hit and TRY to run attacks, or outright suicide attacks), and of course, the despicable, terrorist tactic of planting IEDs, all of which are worse than useless and just serve to make the "long war" longer (thus betraying their ultimate British origin).

As part of convincing us that the current crop of "terrorist hordes" are a major threat, and to fan the flames of the average US soldier's hatred for the average "haji," a significant number of Americans would have to die in one or more of these battles, especially one in which the Americans were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the "terrorist horde," and mercilessly picked off. But because of the vast superiority of the American military-intelligence complex to an armed gang of desperate people being manipulated by some offshoot of British intelligence, this would require a major "screw-up" on the part of the American forces. This, I suspect, was the reason why Chosen Company was set up to die in the battle of Wanat, and why the "terrorist horde" was depicted as consisting of the average Afghan civilians which surround the average American foot soldier. (During the 60 Minutes' show on this battle, one American soldier was heard remarking how the nearby "village" consisted of nothing but fighting-aged men, so the situation was clearly a big set-up.) So, those responsible for setting the stage to create the illusion of dangerous hordes of "Islamic terrorists," i.e. Rumsfeld or Cheney, would be the ones who set up these guys, and essentially had them murdered. But then, what's a mere nine more murders when added to the long, long list of atrocities perpetrated by these monsters?