Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darn it! We forgot about "lone wolves!"

The notion that a lone wolf could at this stage in the "war on terrorism," when babies' diapers are being inspected at airports, is absurd. Wasn't Tim McVeigh pretty much a lone wolf? (Not that he pulled off the OKC bombing by himself, but the feds would have us believe that he did, so it would have had to cross their minds.) I don't see how anyone could escape the NSA's dragnet after all the time they've had to refine their data-mining technology. If I type up a shopping list (even without saving it) without first disconnecting my internet connection, and leaving it disconnected until after I go shopping, something on that list is inevitably missing from the shelf by the time I hit the store, just to let me know that they know every keystroke that I type. (It all goes into the Windows reserved area on the hard drive, whether or not it's saved to a file. Did you think Bill Gates became so rich by being so uniquely intelligent? He's just a tool of the NSA, and he'll spend his billions as they decree - for depopulation.) If any "lone nut" were to search even for instructions on making an improvised explosive, or to start asking around at on-line forums, they'd know, and they'd be all over him. What else is he going to do? Get the info at a library? A bookstore? Perhaps find a sleeper agent for Al Qaeda like you're supposed to find a Triangles cell (i.e. a virtual organization consisting of an "encoded" description of organized Satanism) - by sending out the right mental vibes?

To prevent gun violence on trains, I think we need a realistic threat that anyone pulling a gun and threatening passengers is going to die right then and there or to go to prison for a long time. Exactly how that should be accomplished is up to the police.

So, this lone wolf business reeks of a pretext for more intelligence-agency terrorism. The only solution is Glass Steagall, and the Senate Banking subcommittee couldn't be less interested in it without being too obvious. Don't make any major plans unless they include forcing the government to implement Glass-Steagall first, and soon.