Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Decarbonization (wink, wink)

Image: The Grim Decarbonizer

Simon Featherstone, British High Commissioner (ambassador) to Malaysia, lays out the Empire Green low-carbon policy for the colonies in an op-ed in the New Strait Times (the semi-official government paper). Climate change, for Britain is "perhaps the 21st century's biggest foreign policy challenge," according to the Foreign Office, he says. The British government has allocated about $3 billion to their International Climate Fund (ICF), which has just been formally established, to pass this word on to the colonies. The Empire expects to spend half the kitty on helping the "poor and vulnerable countries" reduce carbon emissions and make forests sacrosanct.

It's becoming more obvious daily what they mean by "decarbonization": depopulation. After all, our physical bodies are carbon-based. Ironically, it was the British Empire that gave us the Satanic/materialistic "theory" (religion) of Darwinism, which posits natural selection as an evolutionary driver, but it spends all of its time perpetrating genocide. Why not let nature take care of it? Or are they admitting that Darwinism is a lie?