Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Enhanced interrogation" was never intended to obtain information

When Guantánamo opened, prisoners were dragged in on their knees, wearing orange jumpsuits, blacked out goggles, surgical masks and headphones. They were housed in two metre square, floodlit cages, open to the elements, branded by the Administration as “among the best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the earth”. They were asked the same questions repeatedly, told they would never see their families again and subject to vicious beatings –- for praying, for shouting, for anything. One man had his leg broken in interrogation, another his back –- he is now using a wheelchair. Another was permanently blinded in one eye. Many have kidney problems, due to being forced to lie without blankets in freezing cold air conditioning. Men were denied toilet facilities, forced to soil themselves, then used as human mops to clean up cells and left in the same clothes for days. One man suffered a stroke after a soldier jumped on his head –- he received no medical attention for ten days.

Sexual humiliation was used on the most religious detainees. Some were wrapped in the Israeli flag, others were given a “mock baptism”. Some were medicated against their will, causing bodily collapse and mental distress. Others were denied vital medication by their interrogators. These abuses all met with warm approval from the Pentagon.

Worse was reserved for those rendered by the US to third countries, where they were brutally tortured by local interrogators and the CIA. Mutilation, electric shocks and permanent sleep deprivation were routine. Some prisoners went insane; others died.

All of the preceding war crimes are aspects of "enhanced interrogation, which I contend is a form of Satanism, partly intended to induce demonic possession in the perpetrators, and partly intended as an experiment in (ultimately) driving the victims' souls out of the world, which is an aspect of the Eighth Sphere agenda. (In case you wonder how this fits into the "war on terror," it's actually the EPITOME of the "war on terror," which itself is partly Satanism on a vast scale, part of which is to create Hell on Earth and discourage the higher souls of mankind from returning, instead diverting to the "fake Heaven" of the Eighth Sphere. Artificial intelligence is intended to provide the intended physical body with its lower soul aspects with a replacement for the higher soul, resulting in the perfect slave.) Clearly, the actual questioning-aspect of "enhanced interrogation" was a joke, probably partly intended to be able to call it "interrogation." (It clearly originated in the mind of a shrink, and not by reverse-engineering SERE.) Otherwise, it appeared to be intended as one of the means intended to drive the prisoners insane, and to let the prisoners know that they wanted them to "confess" to being part of Al Qaeda, thus "justifying" the existence of Guantanamo and the "war on terror."

So, not only did enhanced interrogation not work for its ostensible purpose, but it obviously COULD NOT have worked, and it obviously WAS NOT INTENDED to work. The fact that the respectable Michael Mukasey has defended it indicates that he is either ignorant about its true nature, or unscrupulous, to put it mildly.