Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Forbes' latest contribution to decarbonization

(Newsroom America) -- Steve Forbes, the founder of one of the nation's premier economic magazines and onetime GOP presidential contender, says he believes the nation will return to the gold standard within five years because doing so would solve a number of economic, fiscal and monetary issues.

"What seems astonishing today could become conventional wisdom in a short period of time," Forbes said in an interview with Human Events magazine, a conservative publication.
The world’s press now contains reports daily from political leaders and financiers warning of such a crash, following which, the oligarchy intends to reverse the fall of the price of gold, and to place the world on a British Commonwealth-controlled deflationary gold standard. Gold will be pegged to as much as $800 per troy ounce. Such an arrangement is meant to shrink the world economy and genocidally slash population. This will repeat, but on a global scale, the experience following the U.S. Specie Resumption Act, a piece of treason enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1875 and implemented in 1879, which virtually bankrupted the United States during 1879-1907.

Well, now we know why Ron Paul, an advocate of the gold standard, is being trotted out by the same Establishment which is currently destroying the world's currencies, as a candidate at this time. Once they've inflated the existing currencies out of existence and killed most of us off, they'll declare gold, which they control, to be the world's currency, in order to keep the world's economy and population small. This is a subliminal theme of Atlas Shrugged, i.e. that gold is reserved for the master race - the Nietzschean gods who created themselves and the global economy.