Saturday, May 7, 2011

Former US AG Mukasey supports war crimes

Immediately following the killing of bin Laden, the issue of interrogation techniques became in some quarters the "dirty little secret" of the event.... That they are no longer secret is deeply regrettable.

I suppose Mukasey would say it's regrettable because now Al Qaeda can practice resisting these supposedly irresistible techniques. In fact, secrecy is required to prevent us from knowing that "enhanced interrogation" was never intended to obtain useful information, but only to destroy some humans (of which Jose Padilla, hidden away in Supermax, is a prime example) and take possession of others, and that all the claims to the contrary by Satan's respectable front men such as Mukasey are monstrous lies. Will Al Qaeda now use Mukasey's statements as evidence that torture has been institutionalized by the US?