Monday, May 30, 2011

A good example of "American," "misdirected" terrorism

KABUL (PAN): Women and children were among 14 civilians killed in airstrike by international troops in the southern province of Helmand, officials claimed on Sunday.

The raid was conducted late on Saturday when militants attacked a base of US marines in the Salam Bazaar area of Nawzad district, the governor's spokesman told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Fourteen people, including five girls, seven boys, and two women were killed when the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) struck two houses in the area, Daud Ahmadi, said.
The Taliban stormed a checkpoint of foreign troops in the village, but foreign troops targeted three civilian houses, inflicting casualties on non-combatants, said Noor Mohammad, who lost a family members.

Let me guess: there will be an investigation, and we will never hear the results. Just once I'd like to see the trigger-man held responsible, or at least required to defend his actions in a public forum. But no - it's "NATO's" fault, so anyone associated with NATO (such as the group of Americans which had been attacked, triggering the helicopter-attack) becomes fair game for reprisals. Meanwhile, those actually responsible remain absolutely untouched, and even anonymous.

This was no accident - it was mass murder disguised as a mistake. The effect of such "misdirected" terrorism by "Americans" will be to enrage the population, put ground forces in greater danger, and create more recruits for terrorist controllers, whom America would never consider attacking.

(By "misdirected terrorism," I mean terrorism that serves only to fan the flames of conflict, and isn't even suitable as revenge, since the actual terrorists are never impacted. So-called "American" terrorists don't care if Americans are killed in their stead - they probably get a chuckle out of it. Consider how those who died in the Battle of Wanat were blatantly set up to die - it was murder of American soldiers by someone very high up in the chain of command.)