Friday, May 13, 2011

Intelligence agency terrorism and fairy tales

On the one hand, we have movies such as Enemy of the State (starring Gene Hackman) about the all-seeing eye of US intelligence, and on the other hand, we have claims about "lone wolf" terrorists and bin Laden's email system. As far a "lone wolves," I'd like to hear an explanation for how they would obtain plans for WMD without setting off alarms at this late date.

So, here's how I'd track bin Laden: find some known associate, and put a tail on him. If he goes to an internet cafe and sends email, monitor its email traffic and determine where it's going. Then determine the location or locations from which it is retrieved, and with enough time and manpower, you would eventually find bin Laden. But then, if you don't really want to find him, because you want some "Goldstein" to justify the "war" which at the outset was dubbed "the long war" ("a long cakewalk?"), you find some way to explain his "disappearance."

If an intelligence agency (or a faction within all intelligence agencies) is actually running terrorism, and projecting its crimes onto "Islamic" phantoms with an amazing ability to otherwise elude detection, you'd expect just what has been happening: a decade of relentless terrorism and an endless series of lame excuses for it. It's like the stock market: there's a change, and some joker at the Ministry of Truth "explains" it in a way that manipulates us to their advantage at the moment. Likewise, when a bomb goes off after "bin Laden's death," it's "revenge for bin Laden's death." The correct answer is determined by observing the results: a continuation of the rabid-dog fight known as the "war on terror," and the gradual unraveling of civilization.