Friday, May 20, 2011

Is marijuana literally the "Devil's" weed?

CAMPAIGNERS are urging the Government to reverse its decision to reclassify cannabis amid fears of its "destructive" link to schizophrenia.

It comes after the Echo revealed an independent inquiry is set to take place into the care and treatment of double Sunderland killer and paranoid schizophrenic Sean Crone.

Crone stabbed Ian Lawson, 25, more than 20 times with two kitchen knives, before going on to kill Simon Richardson, 27.

During his trial, Sheffield Crown Court was told the 26-year-old had been a prolific cannabis user since he was 14, and had also taken other drugs.
"The fact that Britain has become the cannabis capital of Europe is an indictment of the way in which professionals and governments have ignored years of mounting evidence that, far from it being a relatively harmless recreational drug, for vulnerable people, especially teenagers, the innocent spliff in the playground, or chilling out, could trigger a journey of life-long disintegration."

Crone was sentenced to an indefinite period at the maximum security Rampton Hospital last month.

Ms Wallace added: "We have growing evidence from our 1,000 callers a week that the current culture of taking cannabis makes treatment difficult and adversely affects the prognosis for those who become psychotic.

"While an inquiry would have been welcomed before the lowering of the classification of cannabis last year – making it more easily available and giving out messages that it is relatively harmless – we would urge the Government to reverse its decision on classification urgently, backing that with a multi-million pound education and awareness campaign on the dangers of cannabis for young people whose brains are developing."
DEMENTED Deyan Deyanov tried to kill a man with a rock just months before he beheaded British grandmother Jennifer Mills-Westley, it emerged yesterday.

The maniac smashed security guard Fermin Suarez Perez, 45, in the face on the island of Tenerife. And police yesterday revealed Deyanov, 28, was on bail for that attack and had been arrested THREE times since January – but was freed to murder Jennifer, 60, in Los Cristianos last Friday.
Fermin, who needed 14 stitches, said: “It’s unbelievable they let him out. If they had kept him in for treatment Jennifer would still be alive.”

Former Spanish soldier Fermin added: “He smoked lots of cannabis, heroin and crack cocaine. He was a time bomb waiting to go off.
THE maniac who beheaded a British gran in Tenerife filmed himself declaring: "I hate human beings" in a chilling video shot on the island.

Deyan Deyanov, 28, is seen puffing on a marijuana joint, rowing with his boss and asking a pal if he likes drugs, ice cream and BOMBS.

Don't forget Deyanov's numerous insane references to "God," such as claiming that he was on a mission from God (while simultaneously obsessing about the movie Predator, perhaps indicating the nature of his god), and saying "God is on Earth," which he was heard saying immediately after killing Jennifer Mills-Wheatley. (Note that I've indicated these insane, wild atrocities are intended to proclaim Satan's actual presence in the world, and his intent toward mankind, in contrast to the typical silly beliefs about Satan's goals and methods.) So, perhaps the Spirit of Darkness were feeding him ideas. Note that Andrea Yates also had all sorts of strange beliefs which "explained" her crime.

I've noticed that some critics of Christianity have used an image of Jesus Christ which was found in Deyanov's dwelling as an excuse to attack Christianity, when every other aspect of Deyanov's life indicates that he was a de facto Satanist (defined as someone who cultivates Satanic possession of one form or another, which is always done unwittingly, although typically as a result of deliberately performing SRA in the mistaken belief that it has some other purpose).

It also just so happens that Sean Crone, a heavy pot smoker from a young age, and a schizophrenic, committed double murder in a location near the ley line that runs along the east coast of Great Britain. So, there seems to be a link between heavy pot smoking early in life and schizophrenia, and another between schizophrenia near ley lines and possession by the Spirits of Darkness. This might be one of the reasons why Satan's British Empire has been pushing marijuana and other mind-dulling drugs for so long (besides the incredible amount of money it makes from doing so). However, considering that many people smoke weed without becoming psychotic killers, it would be at most one factor which contributes to the development of schizophrenia in some people. Still, there is no doubt that it impedes clear thinking, and this alone helps the British empire achieve its goals.

When you consider the mind-boggling "laxness" on the part of the police and mental health system in Deyanov's case, you have to wonder whether they're deliberately allowing maniacs who have been drugged up with illegal and/or psychiatric drugs (some of which are known to cause hostility) to run around free. I think they should be investigated for dereliction of duty, or worse.