Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Syria another playground for Satanists?

Upon reviewing some of the history of torture in Syria, I have to admit that it's not so far-fetched to assume that reports of a kid being tortured to death are true. It sounds like it might be another vacation hotspot for Satanists looking for "nobodies" to torture for their "initiation" into "Magick" (demonic possession), especially now that Iraq and Afghanistan aren't jumping as much as they were during the Cheney administration. Note from the image that it's on a good area of the Earth Grid for this purpose [1], and it's almost the peak time of year for nature spirits (of which demons are a destructive type) in the northern hemisphere. I gather that it's decided that chaos is the order of the day in Syria as part of the planned destruction of civilization, so it might have perpetrated this particularly hideous "initiation" into "Magick" and blamed it on their hapless host Assad as part of creating more chaos there. They're also desperate to make their puppet Obama look good, and pinning this demonic act on Assad would tend to do that.

[1] For the significance of the map, check the name I assigned to the map and my web-page entitled Satanism and the Earth-Grid.