Monday, May 2, 2011

Lara Logan and Prince Harry (revised)

(CNN) -- CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, who suffered an especially brutal sexual assault in Egypt's Tahrir Square while covering the country's revolution, said Sunday she feared a torturous death at the hands of the mob.

After watching this interview, I wondered why her bodyguards didn't have guns, why it took so long for the Egyptian military to respond, and why they didn't shoot some of the attackers. I also wondered what sort of a "person" would do such a thing, and the following morning, the answer popped into my head: this sort of rape (as opposed to marital rape, perhaps), is literally demonic, and serial, predatory rapists are another class of subhuman who should be suspected of being literally demonically possessed. I never thought about it before, so it never occurred to me. However, if any of her attackers did have souls at the time, they will eventually receive justice. Furthermore, she will be compensated in the next world and future lives.

I find it interesting that Cairo, the "mecca" of the Cult of Isis, to which the elite of the elite of British royalty belongs, and which serves up all sorts of enticements to adopt attitudes and partake in activities designed to open souls to Satanic spirits, would lie on such a prominent spot on the Earth Grid, where Satan's underworld is especially concentrated.

I noted that the crowd gathered at Buckingham Palace after The Wedding were chanting "kiss, kiss, kiss...." When kiss is converted to numbers, it is 1191919, which when rotated becomes 6161611, i.e. 6-6-6 11, the numbers of the Devil and of black magic, which Satanism pretends to be. (Thus the name of the rock band in "demonic" costumes.) This was a case of Satan's hordes cheering on their eventual respectable figurehead, part of whose power is derived from their appearance of moral superiority, and from our desire to be like them. They might be superior to humans in general in several aspects, but only because the oligarchy has waged war on mankind for millennia.

I don't know how much Prince William and Prince Harry know about the occult connection, but Harry did make an appearance in a Nazi uniform once, and the "reverse Sun," a.k.a. the Nazi swastika, is a symbol of the Devil, the Anti-Christ, which was chosen by Hitler as the Nazi symbol. (Hitler, according to Peter Tradowsky, was possessed by the Devil, which is not the same as being Satanically possessed.) Was Prince Harry dropping a hint of the oligarchy's true allegiance, disguised as a youthful indiscretion?

So, the Nazis, which included Satanists and black magicians, were an especially virulent expression of the master-slave attitude of the British royalty, which put Hitler in power. I theorize that their goal was to let the Nazis take over Europe, so that it could be destroyed in the process of extricating them (a good example, along with their economic warfare called "free trade," and their BS-pushers known as university professors, of how the oligarchy destroys civilization so it can stay on top). After the war, British Intelligence took over the US government via its wartime alliance with the CIA, which explains practically everything it's done since then. In my opinion, creating this linkage was another major purpose of the war.