Friday, May 20, 2011

The lie-to-"truth" converter: an endless loop

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s ongoing release of the Guantanamo Bay prison files, and large numbers of classified State Department cables, attempts to expose what he calls American corruption.

But supporters of the George W. Bush administration’s global war on terrorism say the nearly 800 Guantanamo files show that “enhanced” interrogations of hundreds of captured operatives at secret overseas prisons and at the Cuban prison amounted to one of the most successful intelligence operations in history.

As if Wikileaks couldn't be some intelligence operation to feed us lies disguised as the hidden truth, or as if they're not being played by US intelligence, which knows the value of the limited hangout.

Why is it that the only "evidence" we ever see that "enhanced interrogation" works is in the form of its "respectable" proponents simply saying "it works, trust us." If it worked, why is there so much excitement about the "treasure trove" of data obtained from OBL? Why does Al Qaeda still exist after a decade of a "war on terror?" Why are we still afraid of more, even bigger attacks? They want it both ways - to say the the "war" is a success, and yet that the terrorist threat is still as bad as ever, and that the "war" needs to continue. So, they're just lying their butts off, and each time someone presents some evidence or logic that proves that they're lying, they lie some more. THEY LIED US INTO THIS WAR, AND THEY HAVEN'T STOPPED LYING SINCE. It's no surprise that one of Bush's speechwriters, whose specialty is crafting hypnotic lies, is now defending this old lie.

Even if "enhanced interrogation" didn't have purely evil motives behind it, and it actually provided useful information on a timely basis, it's still counterproductive because it turns the entire world against us. America is supposed to be moral and honorable, and simply doing so will go a long way to winning wars. Naturally, those who support coercive "interrogations" would say that this wouldn't help, because our enemies are purely evil and hate us for our freedom, which is contradicted by their claims about the "Arab Spring," which bin Laden also supposedly supported.

The only solution is Glass-Steagall, which will decapitate the British snake which is behind all of this, which got its start at the Tavistock Institute in Merry Olde England, and from there spread to Nazi Germany, a British "Frankenstein" monster that turned on it.