Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama gives his real oath of office

LONDON — President Barack Obama will outline in a speech today how much the world has changed since the U.S.-British partnership emerged victorious from World War II, but also argue that the relationship remains the cornerstone of global security.

The theme, outlined by administration officials here Tuesday, is part celebration of the military partnership, which has waged war in three Muslim nations over the past decade, and part reassurance that the heavy cost has been essential.

Obama will deliver the address, characterized by advisers as "the anchor speech" of his six-day European trip, to the British Parliament at Westminster Hall, becoming the first American leader to do so in that historic venue.

She's thinking "In another few years, you'll just be some used-up nobody that everyone hates, like our former tool what's his name down there in Texas. But in the mean time we'll make you look good so you can serve us."