Friday, May 27, 2011

Obama's declaration of slavery

Obama's speech to the British parliament was essentially nothing but a collection of lies and doubletalk intended to declare his fealty to the British Empire. In his speech, he indicates that he is a Darwinist and a free-marketeer, both of which are based on the notion of a fight to the death.

But out of the vaguely humanist side of his mouth, Obama refers to human rights, but never explains how we obtained these rights. (One article claims that he referred to God, but I can't find any such reference.) If Darwin is right, what are we but a cloud of particles that became rearranged as a result of random motion and a struggle for survival, with a certain group ending up as masters over the rest? We would have no rights except what this master-group decides to give us, and these are the rights to serve them, and to die when we no longer serve them.

Obama's actions indicate that this is what he believes, and that he hopes to preserve his own skin by serving this master-group. He's a slave, an Uncle Tom, and he's taking up space where a President should be.