Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The predictable consequences of the "war on drugs"

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that California prisons violated the US constitution – their cramping of prisoners in overcrowded conditions constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

I predicted this at least a decade ago: that the prisons would be partially emptied at the worst possible time, when the economy is tanking.

There never was a real war on drugs - only the low-level dealers and users were targeted. Meanwhile, the British imperial banks which laundered the hundreds of billions of dollars in drug money, and their opium crop in American-occupied Afghanistan, went untouched. Crack kingpin Bush the Elder also went unscathed. As with any recent "war," its purpose is pure destruction.

The extremely violent situation in Mexico is apparently the result of the reduced demand for drugs due to economic collapse - the gangs are fighting over the smaller pie, although there appears to be a purely Satanist element also, killing people as part of their "religion." If a proper war had been waged from the start, Mexico wouldn't have transformed into a narco-state.

As for our right to do with our brains as we see fit, I believe that positive economic incentives (i.e. productive, creative employment), proper education into the consequences of drug use and a proper education into spiritual matters (as opposed to our current Venice-designed system which features such things as "getting saved" from karma, and pieces of saints' bodies as objects of veneration) and our current evolutionary task of developing clear thinking would convince people that the use of certain drugs is a waste of time and potentially of one's life, as well as a danger to the future of the economy and nation that protects them from redcoats in disguise.

So, once again, the only solution includes Glass-Steagall as a starting point and getting rid of Nerobama, our British puppet-President who as of this writing is over in Europe getting rewound for his next term in office. Note that no Republicans of with any potential are running against him - the word is obviously out that Obama's going to be reappointed, and they don't want to lose to him. But on the other hand, they have to make a credible effort to keep the illusion that we have a choice alive.