Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Private investigators expose "militant" lie

On May 10th, 2011, PBS Frontline featured an investigation into one of those notorious air assaults on "militants" in the "war on terror." Assuming that the investigators' findings are trustworthy, I conclude that the US JSOC knowingly massacred innocent Afghanis (perhaps even targeting someone for turning AGAINST the Taliban), and has been lying, with the help of Gen. Petraeus, to hide this fact. This fits into my concept of this "war," which is that the Satanist faction within the military-intelligence complex (which is typically involved in designating targets), combined with actual "Islamic" terrorists, some of which the British military has been caught flying around Afghanistan in helicopters, are working together to wage a war on civilization and mankind in the region. For example, this episode of Frontline featured an interview with a Taliban commander who had organized a terrorist bombing with killed 70 Afghan civilians. That's the pattern: the British imperial faction, on BOTH SIDES, attacking innocents in the guise of attacking "the occupier" or "militants." (IEDs might kill US solders, but I doubt that members of the Satanist faction are put at risk of falling victim to an IED.)

When the identities and activities of the victims are examined, as in this case, the evil fraud of this "war" is exposed a little, and so you see those who know its true nature devoting a lot of effort to either lying about the identities and/or activities of the victims, or claiming that it was an accident. In this case, they chose the former, and naturally, they claim to have ultra-secret intelligence, which nobody else has, about the target - namely, that he's actually someone else despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.