Friday, May 13, 2011

Report on Loughner's college's policies contains potential signs of black op

I was referred to a report on how Jared Loughner's college responded to his insane behavior, and found that it contains possible indications of a "black" operation. The most tantalyzing passage is the following:
The police [Pima Community College campus police] mental illness procedures do contain information about Arizona Title 36, and it specifies conditions under which the officer may invoke the law and have someone committed for an involuntary evaluation, either directly or by way of calling a MAC team for assistance.

But the emphasis is on the word "may."
As 9 On Your Side has reported, two police officers responding to one of Loughner's outbursts did advise a counselor that they believed Loughner was suffering from mental health issues. One officer documented that observation in his police report. But despite the concern about Loughner's mental health, neither officer triggered a Title 36 intervention.
Who actually decided? Perhaps the officers were just going by the recommendation of the counselor, who might have been in contact with Loughner's unseen handlers.