Friday, May 13, 2011

The Satanic ritual abuse of Amanda Knox

Although the "case" against Amanda Knox has been demolished, the Italian "justice" system has to coddle Giuliano Mignini, the likely Satanist sanctimoniously posing as a Catholic "Satanist hunter" (who has yet to find one that fits into his fantasy) who has put this girl through hell, because it just wouldn't be right to hold a member of the Nietzschean master-race accountable for any offenses against a member of the slave-race, who are after all not quite human. It appears that he will be allowed to claim that the DNA evidence existed at one time, but has disappeared due to the passage of time, to protect him from lawsuits and prosecution. It also appears that he'll be able to claim that his drug-addled main witness fooled him. Furthermore, even though his "case" has not been proven, he can still claim to have had a good motive. His image is also being protected by destroying Amanda Knox's character in the media, such as by turning Mignini's lurid fantasies into a movie. So, he'll be able to wriggle off the hook for this crime, although he faces charges of prosecutorial abuse, and perhaps his misconduct in the Amanda Knox case will seal his fate and put an end to his vile career. Eventually, he'll die and receive justice.