Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Satan's oligarchy, not Pakistan, plays both sides

Pakistan is blamed for playing a "double game" of being allies with both "the terrorists" and the US government (the "not-terrorists"). In fact, governments, terrorism, and the media are all controlled by the oligarchical/Satanist faction (Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand") through a few well-placed puppets such as Obama. Its enemy is mankind in general, which it divides and pits against each other, such as in the "war on terror." (A key to understanding how it controls terrorism is the BAE slush fund, which was used for financing certain aspects of 9/11, and which only LaRouche has exposed.)

Here's their general strategy behind the "war on terror": They get the ball rolling with a horrible terrorist incident (9/11) which the world won't soon forget, and it blamed some vaguely-defined group of phantoms as the culprits. It then attacked innocent people in the guise of going after these phantoms. The anger of this innocent group of people is channeled by the Invisible Hand into terrorism against the US military (but only the good guys - not the Satanist faction, of course) and US allies (including their civilian population) which the originally innocent group blames for the attacks on them. (Meanwhile, the oligarchy was apparently using such groups as the SAS - the oligarchy's private "army" - to conduct other acts of terrorism, such as car bombings in Iraq.) Thus, the original terrorism (9/11) begets more terrorism ("shock and awe"), which begets further terrorism, which begets further terrorism ad infinitum. A few battles between US forces and groups of "terrorists" are arranged to give the impression that there's an actual war going on, when in fact it's mainly terrorism in response to terrorism, with the actual terrorists at the core always remaining untouched and in charge.

In the case of Pakistan, tribes living in the "unincorporated areas" (evidently designated as "nobodies" who can be terrorized with impunity) are being subjected to terrorism in the form of drone attacks. (Note how the drone attacks were phased in as the prisoner abuse was phased out, or at least apparently so. The effect is similar: to manufacture anti-American terrorists to "prove" the existence of "Islamic" terrorism and to keep the "war" going.) They are driven by their fear and rage into the arms of the Invisible Hand's terrorist-recruitment/training apparatus which was set up in those areas by the ISI and financed by the Saudis (the source of the BAE slush fund). They then attack the Pakistani government, such as in the case of the recent suicide bombings (where was the security for the recruits?), and this ensures that the drone attacks will continue. It's misdirected terror in response to misdirected terror, not a war on terror.

Meanwhile, the drone attacks continue, and the Pakistani government is blamed by Pakistanis for supposedly secretly allowing the drone attacks, and by the US Congress for secretly working with "the terrorirsts" (such as by "hiding bin Laden"). But in fact, the oligarchy is the one secretly ordering drone attacks and running "Islamic" terrorism, including Operation bin Laden (whatever that was). It's putting part of the blame for both forms of terrorism on the Pakistani government as part of its false narrative of the situation there, and apparently as part of a program to "morph" the war into a US war with Pakistan and China, perhaps including nuclear weapons. Another aspect of this setup is the vociferous objections to the drone attacks by members of the Pakistani government. They know it will make no difference.

Very few if any US soldiers under the regular US chain of command are actually involved in the drone operation, but it gets blamed on the US military-intelligence complex and government because it has the outward APPEARANCE of being a US military operation controlled by the US chain of command. In fact, it's controlled by JSOC (>47>11), which includes an oligarchical/Satanist "Nietzschean superman" faction (which always remains nameless other than the names of its members, which are of course never disclosed, to protect the guilty). The CIA runs a similar drone operation, apparently to share the blame for JSOCs drone-terror operation with the US military.

It's too complex for me to describe completely in a general manner, and analyzing it on a case-by-case basis requires information to which I am not privy. But this is the gist of it, as far as I can tell.

The "bin Laden killing" operation was a riddle wrapped in a mystery surrounded by an enigma. It'll be a long time before that gets unraveled, although it was definitely run from the highest levels. Obama was given credit for it as part of his reappointment campaign.