Friday, May 13, 2011

SEALs must have been ordered to shoot "OBL" in the face

"There is no question in my mind that bin Laden is dead," Sen. Nelson told 10 News. "I examined the pictures and compared them to pictures that we had of bin Laden when he was living and the facial features are exactly the same."

He would not go into detail about what he saw in some of the pictures, which other senators who were given access have described as "quite gruesome" and "pretty messy."

The SEALs evidently knew that there would be a need to prove to the entire world that bin Laden had been killed because they reportedly had a portable DNA lab with them (apparently some of that alien technology from Area 51, because they cut several hours off the previous record for identifying DNA, and out in the field), but it would have been so much more convenient if they simply avoided shooting him in the face. A few bullets in the upper body would have put him out of business, assuming it was even necessary to shoot him. Why not just toss a stun grenade into his bedroom after him? (Here again, the story has changed. We were originally told that they had orders to kill bin Laden, but now we're being told that they would have captured him if it were possible. I assume that the first version was correct: they had orders to shoot him, and in the face so that there would be an excuse to avoid publishing the photos.)