Friday, May 27, 2011

Sex-trafficking: just criminal or also diabolical? (revised - see Note)

On the Indian-summer afternoon of Tuesday, October 14, 2008, Judge Christopher Droney .. concluded from his bench, “We will never know why Mr. Paris constructed this hell for these girls … a world of pain, humiliation, suffering, and sexism.”

This seems like a case where Reverse Speech would come in handy to ferret out the perpetrators' motives, assuming it's possible to find speech reversals in their speech. (It would also be an excellent "war on terror" interrogation tool, if the "interrogators" actually wanted useful information on a timely basis.) But without it, the judge is right - we may never know if the perpetrators are merely incredible swine without a shred of empathy or respect for young women, or whether they enjoy crushing their spirits, and take the opportunity to make some money while they're at it.

The article also refers to an epidemic of heroin addiction due to a good supply of cheap, highly pure "h," one of the British Empire's chief products, grown and harvested under the watchful eye of the US and British militaries in Afghanistan and refined in the tribal areas of western Pakistan, in labs untouched by the drone attacks which are killing and terrorizing mainly innocent people in that area. For some background on this, see Shut Down Dubai’s London-Saudi Drug and Terror Cesspool. (This article indicates that sex-trafficking, like drug trafficking, is a form of the British empire's global criminal subculture. This would explain why more hasn't been done about it. If even small-time pimps are part of the Empire's global "free trade" criminal apparatus, then it's likely that it is intended to serve a dual purpose: to destroy civilization and mankind as part of the Devil's 8th Sphere agenda, and to make money.)

Revision - Added portion in parentheses at end.