Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spanish police knew where Tenerife psycho was, didn't pick him up

After another round of random violence, a Spanish judge had issued on May 10, just three days before the Mills-Westley's death, a nationwide arrest warrant. Because Deyanov was homeless and did not have an exact address, he was never picked up. According to Bulgarian media reports, "the Spanish police knew exactly where he was, but probably played down the importance of his case".

I find it hard to believe that anyone can be so stupid. It's almost as if he was allowed to prey on people to see what would happen.

Spanish police pegged him as a danger three months before his attack on Mills-Westley but, despite him being on their radar, apparently did nothing

Reports also claimed he was obsessed with the 1897 Arnold Schwarzengger film Predator in which Alians cut their victims' heads off for sport.

A friend told the Daily Mirror: "He enjoyed the way the Predators hunted and beheaded their victims. And he was also showing his tattoo off."

An alien predator is an apt description of Satanic possession of the Spirits of Darkness and demonic varieties. However, in this case, I suspect the former, because Spirits of Darkness (from the ranks of the Angels) seem to have a tendency to use people to commit some wild, inhuman act which says "Satan was here," and to then dispose of them. Someone who is possessed by a demon (a nature-spirit or "elemental" dedicated to destruction by design) is more cunning, and remaining unnoticed seems to be paramount.