Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Supreme Court protects war criminals, put us at risk

PESHAWAR: Two hundred thirty eight innocent civilians were killed while forty got injured in the drone attacks in tribal areas in the contemporary year sine 1st January till date.
45 people were killed in the drone attack on a Jirga soon after the releases of Raymond Davis, after which Chief of Army staff strongly condemned this drone attack.

Try to imagine living in this area, and not knowing whether you will be killed by a missile out of the blue at any moment. That's sheer terror. Conveniently, the British Empire, through its Pakistani cut-outs and Saudi funders, have provided a network of madrassas to recruit them and turn some of them into suicide bombers.

So, the twisted motive for bombing this area is not to stop terrorism, but to INFLICT terror and to CREATE "Islamic terrorists." If you doubt that elements within the US military-intelligence complex are sufficiently cynical and malignant to do this, just reflect on its predilection for penis-slicing. The fear of being imprisoned FOR NO REASON AT ALL and subjected to such depravity, was a major part of the reason for Muslim hatred of the US, and to wage war on the US. Now, this has been replaced by air-terror, so perhaps our penis-slicers are now designating drone targets.

This "war" is not protecting us - it's putting us in great danger, considering the potential for these manufactured enemies to obtain a nuclear weapon in Pakistan. By upholding Obama's "right" to declare the motive behind penis-slicing to be a state secret, the Supreme Court has protected the war criminals of organized Satanism which could bring nuclear terror upon us.