Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Memorial Day, let's look back and remember the war criminals too

“The WikiLeaks documents provide still additional evidence that intelligence gained from CIA detainees not only helped lead us to Osama bin Laden, it helped us disrupt a number of follow-on attacks that had been set in motion after 9/11,” said Marc Thiessen, a former Bush speechwriter.

What I find so funny is that the defenders of "enhanced interrogation" use the un-American "states secrets provision" that their masters brought over with them from London to prevent us from examining the reality of their "great success," including its methods and motives, in court. The reason is that it is in fact an intermediate-to-advanced form of SRA, which is intended to turn them into pod people and destroy the souls of their victims. At that, it IS a great success, which explains why it's gone on so long and why they want it to continue forever.

As far as I know, my sites are the only ones which have called "enhanced interrogation" by its real name, although many have exposed the fact that it was originally implemented by the Third Reich. (Only LaRouche has traced its origins to the Satanic British Empire, which created the Third Reich.) Furthermore, a lot of the reporting on it has been intended to wave it under our noses and to dare us to realize what it actually is, or to rub our noses in our powerlessness to stop it, at least with a direct assault.

Perhaps a good approach to expose at least the lack of admissible motive would be to ask the proponents of "enhanced interrogation" to justify each technique which has been used, as determined by separately interviewing prisoners who have been released from US custody. I imagine that simply watching many of these prisoners describe their ordeals would be quite a shock to most Americans. For that matter, why don't we put Jose Padilla on TV and get a look at what's left of his mind, if anything? Imagine that - "staunch American patriots" stripping people not only of their freedom, but their very ability to BE free - i.e. their free will, their mind and their desire to live. What could be more American?

Of course, the advocates of "enhanced interrogation" within the US government would claim that the former prisoners' descriptions were false, or that much of the abuse they describe was unauthorized. My response would then be to ask why unauthorized techniques were allowed, considering the likelihood that they would turn the entire world, or at least the Muslim world, against the US. So, their problem is that they just can't get all their lies straight, and this is why they hide behind the "state secrets provision." Forcing them to answer our question in court would require them to admit that they had no good motive, meaning that their motives must have been purely evil, which is indeed the case.

Their campaign of evil continues, partly in the form of a campaign of big lies, and partly as mentioned above by daring us to realize what it really is, and by tormenting us with our powerlessness to stop it. Don't let them paralyze your mind too - keep thinking and don't believe any of their lies. Not only is "enhanced interrogation" evil, counterproductive, and useless for its ostensible purpose, but it cannot be anything but evil and it was never intended to be anything but evil. Its proponents have no choice but to continue to lie until they die, now that they've dug themselves into such a hole.