Saturday, May 7, 2011

Through the looking glass

Videos seized from Bin Laden’s compound and released by the Obama administration on Saturday showed him wrapped in an old blanket watching himself on TV, like an aging actor imagining a comeback. A senior intelligence official said other videos showed him practicing and flubbing his lines in front of a camera. He was interested enough in his image, the official said, to dye his white beard black for the recordings.

Another perspective on this is that "bin Laden" WAS an "actor" dedicated to playing one part - that of the real bin Laden, who was himself an actor, playing the part of a terrorist mastermind, but who had died from marfan syndrome before the real terror-masterminds were finished with him. So, an OBL ringer was found and assigned to play the part of bin Laden. For all we know, the thumb drives his couriers provided to him were just a means of providing him with in-depth news (and no doubt my latest musings) and other information he might have requested, but not for planning terrorism. They would have been seized in the raid to prevent us from realizing that this "terrorist mastermind" was nothing of the sort. This actor might have thought that he had more videos to make, and perhaps he did make some which were never released. But perhaps it turned out that the only act his masters needed him to play was that of bin Laden getting killed, at their convenience. So, they set him up in a compound along with some other people, in some arrangement that required all of them to be killed along with "bin Laden" to keep the secret hidden. A few were spared, but the only way we know anything about their actual relationship to "bin Laden" is through the media that ultimately gets its information from the terror-masterminds who have been using various bin Laden puppets to play the part of the "Islamic terrorist mastermind."

Hopefully, you get a sense of what I'm trying to describe: an intelligence operation like no other, so unique and so secret that there has never been anything quite like it, and there is likely to never be another one.