Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trump's evil (revised)

Trump said Osama bin Laden would not have been caught or killed without what he first called "enhanced interrogation.’’ "We are so politically correct. Nobody wants to say it, nobody wants to use the word. Isn’t that another word for that torture?’’ Trump asked rhetorically. Later he added, "In terms of torture, in terms of enhanced interrogation, we would not have caught bin Laden without it. That’s how we got to him.’’

That's a lie. It doesn't work, and it's very evil. A vote for Trump is a vote for lies and evil, disguised as "success."

In fact, this statement makes Trump even worse than Cheney, because he's now an advocate for TORTURE, by erasing the line between "enhanced interrogation" ("not-torture") and TORTURE. He cannot continue to support this position, and swear to uphold the Constitution. But the fact that he admitted that he believes this disqualifies him from even being considered to be a Presidential candidate.