Friday, May 13, 2011

What PBS Need to Know needs to know

In a joint investigation with the Nation Institute Investigative Fund and reporter Joshua Phillips, Need to Know reveals, for the first time, the inner workings of a little-known U.S. military task force charged with examining cases of detainee abuse in Iraq. One of the special agents in charge describes the task force as under-resourced and hampered by a bureaucracy unable or unwilling to facilitate its investigations.

Phillips, who cracked open the secret world of American soldiers who admitted to torturing detainees in his book “None of Us Were Like This Before,” now focuses on whether allegations of torture have been properly investigated by the U.S. military.

Obviously to me, the Detainee Abuse Task Force (9 3 6 11) was just another way for the Nietzschean "Ubermensch" faction within the military to inflict abuse on actual human soldiers. They clearly regard it as a joke, even later denying that it ever officially existed. Perhaps it never did officially exist, but was just a group of people given the trappings of an organization and a task, in order to inflict SRA on them in the form of frustrating their every attempt to get to the bottom of things and punish the criminals. One thing I could tell them is that they will never understand why their investigations were so thoroughly thwarted without facing organized Satanism's control of the military-intelligence complex. Those who are considering joining the military should also be informed. In the words of Michael J. Fox in Casualties of War [1], "this ain't the Army, Sarge."

[1] About "Nam," another case of Satanism disguised as a war.