Monday, June 6, 2011

As with terrorists, there really are no independent "hacktivists"

The Guardian uses an eye-popping stat from a hacker journalist–that a quarter of all hackers are FBI moles–to cement a a story about the FBI infiltrating hacker groups.

This is probably a limited hangout. Whenever I read about some major hack-attack, I always wondered how it could be at this late date that they could believe that they'd get away with it. The answer is that they're apparently working for the government, or some psywar or chaos faction within the government ("national security" and "state secrets," you know). For all we know, Sony really wasn't hacked, but we're being told they were as a form of psywar, or torment, just as we continue to be bombarded with "news" of "new, massive" radiation leaks from Fukushima, even though there hasn't been ONE CASE of radiation sickness, and the Japanese have some real problems as a result of the recent Big One.

I'm not going to waste any more time on this hacker business, since it's actually just a hint of the massive "hacking" that is constantly taking place. They have access to everything we type into our internet-linked computers, our browsing history, etc. As superior animals, as members of the "master race" (partly pod-people), they have a "right" (might makes right) to lord it over the slaves and to inflict any form or degree of suffering upon them (such as being foreclosed upon, or being forced to jump through hoops for some pathetic "mortgage adjustment" while the foreclosed house across the street is sold for half of it former value), as long as the existence and nature of this malignant "master race" remains secret, with only hints such as the above-referenced article being fed to us from time to time.