Friday, June 17, 2011

Author claims that Drudge Report is more balanced that it appears

"Good doggie! Drudge is a good doggie, yes he is!"

The liberal bias of the mainstream media tilts so far left that any outlets not in that political lane, like the Drudge Report and Fox News Channel, look far more conservative than they really are, according to a UCLA professor’s new book out next month.

Could that be why the day after Weiner resigned, Drudge started trying to get his pensions and benefits revoked? It's not enough to get him out of Congress - Drudge won't be happy until he's in some dark alley getting beaten to death. Actually, "Drudge" is just a face on the media's Nazi faction, or worse. He, along with Sean Hannity, was one of the major mouthpieces on the Get Clinton campaign. Any government figure that tries to do something right soon finds himself in Drudge's crosshairs.