Friday, June 24, 2011

Confessed-traitor-in-Chief promises to save the economy

PITTSBURGH -- Imagining advances from lighter cars to smarter robots, President Barack Obama is announcing a $500 million project to spur high-technology manufacturing, a sector of U.S. industry that presidential advisers say has lost ground to such competitors as Germany and Japan.

On Friday at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Obama is to call for a joint effort by industry, universities and the federal government to help reposition the United States as a leader in cutting-edge manufacturing, including biotechnology, robotics and nanotechnology -- the development of new materials at the molecular level.

The initiative represents yet another effort by Obama to promote job-creation in the midst of an economic slowdown that has reduced hiring and weakened his job approval standing with the public. The president has tried to elevate his profile on the economy with weekly job-related trips to states that are key to his re-election.

Thus "explaining" what all of those make-work hires will be doing (he must have forgotten to mention flying cars), and where those corporations will get the money to hire them, at least until after the 2012 election, assuming the financial system doesn't vaporize before then because Obama has promised to veto Glass-Steagall if it makes it to his desk. Like I said, he's a confessed traitor.