Friday, June 17, 2011

Darwinism: Modern Satanism's first wave

After recently focusing my attention on Darwin, and identifying Darwinism as "scientific" BS intended to lead the gullible into Satan's clutches, I noticed a progression in the works of Darwin, Nietzsche, and Crowley. Darwin came first, and his message was essentially that there is no Creator, leading to existentialism and perhaps Nietzscheanism.

Then came Nietzsche's "philosophical" BS, which says in essence that there is no God or absolute morality, that might makes right, that scrawniness is next to evil, and that any Dionysian thing that strong people want to do is fine, thus explaining Schwarzenegger. Of course, Nietzsche's ghost-writer Satan couldn't just come out and say this directly, so he devoted thousands of pages to convey this attitude by beating around the bush. This would correspond to the outermost, Dionysian circles of Satanism which are intended to evoke "possession lite," i.e. "Jupiter-man" possession, which imparts a Nietzschean "superman" attitude, including the attitude that "mere" humans are ants. As Nietzsche finished The Anti-Christ, "Jack the Ripper" went on his rampage to announce the Golden Dawn of the Age of Satan, which Nietzsche proclaimed as the (Dionysian) New Age. Nietzsche's connection to the New Age has apparently been swept under the rug.

Reading some of Nietzsche, although I can't stomach much of it, has given me a new appreciation for Satan's capacity for BS. As Steiner said, it reflects an extreme intelligence, which I would characterize as a incredible ability to manipulate people. If you keep my theory about what he was actually trying to accomplish, I think you'll eventually learn to see the "Devil in Nietzsche."

Next came Crowley, who praised Nietzsche and took it to the next level by explicitly advocating torture and murder (in his first book, The Book of the Law). This is intended to lead to the worst sort of possession, i.e. demonic, which imparts a compulsion to inflict damage on humans and animals and on anything that can support their lives, such as the American System of economics, which is equated to socialism by its enemies today. But look at what they actually advocate: "free market" economic warfare against mankind, and privatized "socialism," i.e. charity, to make their system look humanitarian. Organized Satanism is the "grass roots" force behind the drive to stifle Glass-Steagall.

The rest of Crowley's books were apparently intended as "occult" BS - the basis for his variety of front-group for organized Satanism. In other words, his "Magick" is intended to attract suckers, such as Harry Potter fans, not into Satanism, but into a situation in which they turn to Satanists for "occult truth" and end up being fed an endless stream of BS. (Lying is a major aspect of Satanism.) They also serve as a smokescreen for the actual Satanists at the core of such organizations. Some of the members of this sucker-group might be invited into actual Satanism. Wicca is another such front-group, as is the Scottish Rite and Scientology, the last of which includes elements of slavery and physical abuse. L. Ron Hubbard was a close associate of Crowley, and probably his inspiration for creating such a front-group for Satanism.

So there you have it - Satan's strategy for creating a modern mass movement.