Tuesday, June 28, 2011

European Depopulation Commission's approach to reducing poverty

As reported in the June 23 briefing, the June 20 brutal decision of the European Commission to cut the budget of the European Program for Food Aid for the Most Deprived (PEAD) by 80%, from EU500 million annually to only EU113 million, continues to create an uproar. The EC decision followed a favorable ruling by the European Union Court of Justice to a complaint brought by Germany and Sweden that the aid was against EU rules. Charities and food banks, which get up to half their operating budget from the PEAD subsidy, report that at least 2 million Europeans are immediately threatened by lack of food.
The PEAD food aid, EU496 million, only "represents less than 0.004% of the European GDP! How does this poor figure weigh in against the billions of euros, that each day, intervene on behalf of speculation?

Sounds like they're getting desperate to "reduce poverty" (by killing those whom their economic policies have impoverished).