Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guantanamo: Destroying free will "in defense of freedom"

If you are eating, or about to eat, you really should wait before reading this, because it might ruin your appetite, and it can wait.

The referenced article indicates that despite the supposedly more humanitarian conditions at Guantanamo, at least one prisoner is willing to subject himself to certain extreme conditions, apparently in order to be allowed to starve himself to death. Another possibility is that he's gone utterly insane as a result of his incarceration, and should be removed from Gitmo. Either case speaks volumes about the psychological effect of incarceration in this prison which is run in the name of defending "our freedom" (a reference to the freedom of Satan's minions to run amok).

Don't forget that essentially no actual terrorists of significance have been incarcerated at Gitmo. Andy Worthington, who has examined hundreds of cases, claims that those at Guantanamo constitute "the least of the least," not the "worst of the worst." (I knew what was going on the instant I saw how the prisoners were being transported to Guantanamo, as if they were terrorist-supermen.) Even the one that he indicates is actually responsible for 9/11 (KSM) could not have pulled it off. (Did KSM arrange to have air defenses just coincidentally stand down, or busy elsewhere, on that day? How did KSM destroy WTC 7?)

The very fact that the prisoner in question is allowed to do what he is doing indicates that those in charge of the prison WANT him to do it as part of his own torment, and to subject the other prisoners to a less intense version, in a new facility which was supposed to provide humanitarian conditions, when it would be easy to remedy the situation. This supports my assumption that the purpose of Guantanamo is actually to implement a literally diabolical agenda, the goal of which is to paralyze the spirit (i.e. to create "learned helplessness"), and to ultimately cause it to divert into a "fake Heaven" known as the 8th Sphere, instead of reincarnating on Earth. (Guantanamo is actually a sort of R&D lab to develop strategies to apply on a mass scale.) This is the ultimate evil, to which I presume Christ was referring when he supposedly warned us of those who can destroy the soul.

Well, you've been warned, so here's the link which indicates what it's like to live in the world which Obama is helping to prepare for us, which Orwell described as a boot stamping on a human face, forever.