Monday, June 6, 2011

Imperial/Satanic "Black Bloc" playing both sides in Syria against each other

CAIRO — Syria’s state news agency reported Monday that “armed gangs” had killed 80 police and security personnel in multiple attacks on security forces in a northwestern town, and that residents were “pleading” for the army to intervene.

The attacks, if confirmed, would be the most lethal anti-government retaliation in Syria since President Bashar al-Assad began a brutal crackdown on protesters three months ago.

If you assume the existence of a "Black Bloc" faction on both sides of this conflict, playing both sides against each other, this would explain the horrific brutality against civilians, and in this case against some security forces. It can be seen as a small-scale "war on terror" in which the perpetrators of the worst violence, the supposed arch-enemies of each other, attack innocent (or "relatively innocent") people as proxies for each other, thus guaranteeing that the "war" can go on eternally, or at least as long as the societies stuck with the bill can afford it, because the hard-core terrorists on both sides are untouchable, hidden behind "state secrets provisions."