Sunday, June 26, 2011

It takes a "superman" to do something this low

KABUL, Afghanistan — Insurgents [>146>11, where 11 is the number of black magic] tricked an 8-year-old girl in a remote area of central Afghanistan into carrying a bomb wrapped in a cloth and then detonated the bomb remotely when she was close to a police vehicle, the Afghan authorities said Sunday.
"Synarchism is the idea of the rogue, the anti-human rogue, who is considered the Superman, because he’s capable of evil which normal human beings are not capable of doing."
Lyndon LaRouche, in The Beast-Man Syndrome and The ‘Air Terrorism’ of WorldWar II (EIR, October 31st, 2003)

I suspect that this appalling bit of psywar was concocted by a team of the literally diabolical Reesian anti-mind warriors who largely run the world. (For example, consider Obama's "behavioral economists" whose function is to manipulate us into going along with the destruction of the economy.) However, such heinous acts in the "war on terror" horror-show must be limited so that those in charge can lay claim to "fragile progress" - the kind of progress that disappears whenever someone threatens reduce funding for the "war on terror." (Perhaps Obama is just pretending to want to reduce spending on it, so that he can say that he tried, but that it just wasn't possible.)

The goal of these evil shrinks is to gradually and silently transform the world into a machine that churns out evil, in order to convince us that Earth is no place for the human spirit and to literally drive the human spirit out of the world. This is what Orwell, in 1984, meant by "the obliteration of the self" and "a boot stamping on a human face, forever."

As for the little girl (assuming that this report wasn't a total fabrication) there's no doubt in my mind that she didn't suffer much, and that she's in a far better place than she was. Nor was her life on Earth wasted, because there is a special need in the spiritual world for the souls of people who have died at a young age. So, instead of putting in some time on Earth, they spend it in the spiritual world, which isn't a bad deal. It's not as if children would stop dying if this need were eliminated and they ascended to Heaven in an abbreviated process of purification.