Sunday, June 5, 2011

Media drones on about more drone strikes

Islamabad: US drones targeted a madrassa and a house in South Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan on Monday, killing at least 14 suspected militants, security sources said.

The drones fired four missiles at the seminary and house near Wana, one of the main towns of South Waziristan Agency, early Monday morning.

Sources said five foreign militants were among the dead.

Well, we know for certain that either something or nothing happened. But exactly whether something happened has yet to be determined, because it happened in the Rorschach-Twilight Zone where vaguely-defined things are said to have occurred in order to elicit various responses from various people. For example, another in a very long line of key AQ leaders was said to have been killed there, probably in order to motivate more young people to join our "successful" military, assuming that they'll be lucky and not get ground up in the process and sent back to join the ranks of shattered, homeless, and drug-addicted veterans with a plentiful supply of high-quality heroin from liberated Afghanistan, courtesy of the British Empire which really runs this vast Satanic ritual known as the "war on terror."