Sunday, June 26, 2011

No telling which British tools were behind latest terrorism in Afghanistan (Rev A)

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A suicide car bomber killed at least 27 people at a hospital in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, many of them women and children in the building's maternity ward.
The bombing occurred in the Azra district of the eastern province of Lowgar, Afghan authorities said. Driving a black sport utility vehicle, the attacker first tried to target the Azra district police headquarters but was confronted by police, said district Police Chief Bakhtiyar Gul Ashrafi.
Ashrafi said that half an hour before the attack, his office had received information from Afghan intelligence agencies that a suicide car bomber was going to target the police headquarters. The intelligence gave police time to prepare for the attack, Ashrafi said.

"Our police ordered him to stop as he approached within 50 meters of the district entrance gate, but he didn't stop," Ashrafi said. "Instead, he turned his car toward the hospital and blew himself up."
No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the Taliban have denied any involvement. “We strongly condemn this inhuman attack which was carried out by some other elements who are trying to defame the Taliban and blame us for doing this,” the Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said by cellphone from an undisclosed location.
The hospital was fairly new, he said, built with money from the United States Agency for International Development. It was originally intended as a maternity clinic but was recently expanded to be a full-service health center.

So, the suicide bomber driving a massive truck bomb didn't obey the police? What is this world coming to?

Also, note that no official has indicated that there will be an investigation.

Rev A: Added last sentence