Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I use JkDefrag for defragmenting, because it defrags without compacting the files, which saves a lot of time. But because a lot of files end up scattered all over the disk after doing this a bunch of times, I eventually run the "fast optimizer" by the same programmer, which compacts the files and arranges them to maximize speed. This takes quite an hour or so, depending on how long it's been since the previous time I ran it.

But shortly after running it, every time, Microsoft (and others) notify me that there are updates. So, they obviously know when I optimize my drive, and send the updates to mess it up as much as possible. Not that I really care about that, but it's just more evidence that the NSA can spy on anyone it so desires without a court order (probably as part of the Patriot Pretense), that it is run by Satanists, or that it at least enables Satanists, and that Microsoft is just a front for it. But don't think that you can escape the Invisible Empire by switching to Linux - there would be a lot of bodies piled up before we were allowed to have an operating system that the NSA couldn't use to upload every one of our keystrokes (including passwords, of course, thus explaining how their "hackers" can break into so many websites with such ease) at their convenience, and to harass those it so desires. Ain't "freedom" (for Satanists, that is) great?