Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama, in the bunker, fantasizes about a bizarre world that meets his reelection needs (rev A)

Create more jobs, but don’t expect the government—cash-strapped and embroiled in a ferocious battle over the deficit and the debt ceiling—to help you do it financially, President Obama told top CEOs on Monday.The President did announce a public-private partnership to hire some 10,000 engineers a year. His remarks came at a meeting of the White House’s Jobs and Competitiveness Council, which revealed plans to create one million jobs in two years by training workers, eliminating bureaucracy and promoting green jobs and energy efficiency. “The single most serious economic problem we face is getting people back to work,” said Obama, according to a transcript of his remarks. But, he said, “the sky is not falling.”

What more evidence do you need to realize that LaRouche was right about Obama's narcissism? He needs temporary, make-work jobs for HIS REELECTION. He doesn't care that the physical economy is dead, decomposing, and falling apart, and that people are suffering greatly and dying as a result. He, like Hitler in the bunker, is demanding that the world conform to HIS fantasy, and meet HIS needs.

The purpose of economics is to efficiently produce effective solutions to meet our needs. (There's more to it, but that's the core function.) Since private businesses by themselves don't have the power to organize continental-scale infrastructure to, for example, bring vast amounts of fresh water down from Alaska, where it's going to waste, and to the parched areas of the lower 48 states, it's up to the government, using the proven American System, to organize and finance private industry to implement such a project, known as NAWAPA, which is feasible despite banker-prostitute Barney "Elmer Fudd" Frank's assertion that it's just a fantasy.

Such warfare-scale projects are not socialism, which is a matter of distributing a fixed amount of wealth. Such projects are what created the recovery from the so-called Great Depression, which was nothing compared to what's barreling down on us right now, thanks to this insane lying punk traitor in the White House.

Rev A: Tweaked final paragraph