Saturday, June 4, 2011

Putting "State Secrets" into its proper perspective

I had been predicting for weeks before Obama went to Poland that the Poles would move to quash their investigation into the black site at which KSM and others were tortured.

And sure enough, that appears to be what happened.

The first move actually happened before Obama arrived in Poland: three days before Obama got there, the AP reported that one of the two prosecutors in the investigation, Jerzy Mierzewski, had been sacked.
And now AP reports that Poland is responding in the same way the US would: to declare state secrets and pursue the whistleblowers.
When and how was the SSP established?

The state secrets privilege originates in England where the law allows the king or queen the “Crown Privilege,” WHICH GRANTS THE MONARCH THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO SHARE INFORMATION WITH PARLIAMENT OR THE COURTS.

The U.S. Supreme Court then borrowed the SSP almost entirely from the Duncan standard during a Cold War case, Reynolds v. United States, 345 U.S. 1 (1953). . The Court did so without discussing the differences between our system of checks and balances and England’s system where Parliament is all powerful.

In other words, "State Secrets" are secrets of Satan's oligarchy, which lurks behind governments everywhere, and the secrets are the existence and nature of the oligarchy, and of Satanism. Note that "State" sends a hint of this in the form of its numerical equivalent, 65, which converts to 11, the number of black magic (which Satanism pretends to be), and that "SSP" converts to 19 19 16, i.e. 6-6-6. Strictly speaking, 6-6-6 is the number of the Devil, not Satan, but Satan is one of the horns of the two-horned Beast. The other is Lucifer.