Friday, June 3, 2011

Syria: Government of the future (revised)

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.
Orwell, 1984

In a major setback for holding US officials accountable for rendition and torture, the Supreme Court has rejected Arar’s lawsuit against the US government. Arar was seized at New York’s Kennedy Airport in 2002 on a stopover from a vacation abroad. Instead of allowing him to return home to Canada, Arar was sent to his native Syria, where he was tortured and interrogated in a tiny underground cell for nearly a year.
Civil rights groups on both sides of the border are expressing their disgust after the man who played a key role in sending Maher Arar to a year of torture in Syria was made a law professor at the University of Georgia.
"Life in Tadmur is like walking in a minefield; death can come about at any moment either because of torture, jailers' brutality, sickness, or execution." A former prisoner in Tadmur Prison

Tadmur Prison is commonly referred to in Syria today as a place where ''the person who enters is lost, and the one who leaves is born''. The prison gained this notorious reputation on account of the persistent reports over many years of systematic torture and ill-treatment. In Syria, Tadmur (Palmyra) was the site of an ancient civilization, an example of great human achievement and creativity -- IT IS STILL VISITED BY THOUSANDS OF TOURISTS EVERY YEAR. Today the prison of Tadmur is synonymous with brutality, despair and dehumanization.

The level of brutality endured by prisoners in Tadmur Prison is shocking. It is hard to believe that the kind of torture and ill-treatment described in this report is still taking place today. Yet the testimonies of former prisoners gathered by Amnesty International paint a consistent picture of daily torture, inhuman conditions, constant victimization, and humiliation.

Not surprisingly for this dungeon's waiting-room known as Syria, the most notorious dungeon, Tadmur, just so happens to be almost on top of a ley line (faint red line running from appx SE to NW through Palmyra). For the significance of this, see Satanism and the Earth-Grid. Note that it's quite the "tourist" destination - care to guess who, or rather what, many of these "tourists" are, and what the main "tourist attraction" is?

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