Monday, June 13, 2011

Tucson shootings: modern version of Port Arthur massacre? (rev A)

The final toll, including a hostage Bryant had taken with him to Seascape from Port Arthur, was 35 dead and 20 wounded-the greatest mass murder in Australia's history.
Further investigations over the past year, supplemented by files on Tavistock which this news service has compiled since 1973, have established the following:

1. The Port Arthur events were indeed coordinated by Tavistock, the premier psychological warfare unit of the British Crown, which was founded in 1920 based upon studies of "shell shock " and related neuroses caused by the trauma of World War I.
More generally, Tavistock' s "theory of turbulence" specifies that entire populations may be driven into a similar infantile regression by repeated terrorist shocks, such as the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, the sarin gas subway bombing in Japan, or the dozens of Martin Bryant­style mass murders around the world over the past decade. It is precisely the "blind" nature of such events that makes them psychologically so devastating, since there seems to be no answer to the question, "Why?," and therefore, apparently there is little or nothing that can be done to prevent them.

I have recently been emphasizing the mind-war strategy mentioned in the last sentence in the above excerpt. I arrived at it independently, and have dubbed it the "no explanation, no solution, no hope" strategy. This is typical of the media's economic coverage, which is a masterpiece of manipulation largely based on waiting for us to forget the previous "explanation" for the state of the economy before introducing the new "explanation." This way, we don't wonder why we need a new explanation if the old one was correct, and why the previous supposed solutions didn't have any effect. The old "explanations" and "solutions" are relegated to the Memory Hole, and new "explanations" are fed to us as if they're the first ones. This also gives us a vague sense that the "recession" hasn't been around so long.

One indication that the Tucson shootings might have been a black operation which included manipulation by both human beings (black magicians) and spiritual beings (Spirits of Darkness) is that there have been no inquiries into how Loghner obtained his weapons, and not even any calls for an official inquiry. The closest thing to an inquiry is the investigation by Tucson TV station KGUN, which turned up some tantalizing potential indications of a black operation, but glossed over them. There might not even be a trial, if Loughner can't be made sane. (This is a bizarre notion: "Well, he might have been a raging lunatic at the time of the murders, but if we can make him sane now, we can pretend that he was sane at the time of the murders." What if he had no hands when the murders were committed? Would we give him hand transplants and then pretend that he had hands at the time of the murders?)

"Infantile regression" is a form of escapism/fantasy, which the Devil seeks to cultivate as a stage in the implementation of the 8th sphere agenda, the goal of which is to drive the literal spirits of humans out of the world, and into a "fake Heaven" created by the forces of evil, known as the 8th Sphere. (The ultimate in escapism.) This agenda is in my opinion clearly reflected in the many programs spawned by Tavistock (including "enhanced interrogation," first practiced by the British Satanic/Nietzschean/Darwinian "Frankenstein monster" known as the Third Reich).

However, in this state of infantile regression, the spirit is not driven out, but merely paralyzed, which is a means of EFFECTIVELY driving it out, until it leaves upon the death of the individual and possibly diverts into the 8th Sphere during the process of reincarnation. In an earlier essay on the nature of the Beast, I referred to this regression by stating that "Sorath seeks to paralyze the 'I' in man, and to prevent it from absorbing Christ's influence [mainly love]. His influence, once the 'I' is paralyzed, also works its way up through the lower levels of the will, undermining compassion and conscience [1], and causing thinking to become detached from reality."

Although I'm not exactly certain what Peter Tradowsky (my source of information for my essay on 6-6-6) meant by "detached from reality," I suspect that it means that the mind become preoccupied with escapist thinking (since this is part of the 8th Sphere agenda), which characterizes a great deal of our "culture" these days, and all of Obama's speeches, which increasingly have a "Hitler in the bunker" quality about them.

Rev A: Added "Nietzschean" in third para.
[1] Note Nietzsche's and Crowley's contempt for compassion, i.e. Christ's influence. Then there's Nietzsche-Satan's book The Anti-Christ.