Sunday, June 12, 2011

Virulent strain of Satanism appears in Syria, or you thought the Nissour Square massacre was bad

He said that there were unfamiliar vehicles without license plates driving around his town, sometimes shooting indiscriminately at buildings and bystanders. The young men of Jisr al-Shughour had set up several unarmed checkpoints around their town to prevent the entry of strangers. But strangers entered, including a bearded man in military uniform who did not speak Arabic and was nabbed by Samir and a group of young men. (Syrian soldiers are not permitted to wear beards.) "I don't know Iranian, I don't have experience with Iranians, but the man didn't speak Arabic," says Samir. "Not a word."

So much for the notion that the culprits are security forces. What we have here is an outbreak of advanced Satanism, or Supermen Gone Wild. As for my previous claim that there's a "Black Bloc" on both sides (based on the report that anti-government gangs were responsible for a massacre of soldiers), it now seems likely that this was wrong, and that all of the Satanists are disguised as government goons, and that the soldiers were massacred by other soldiers. There might be some British agents-provocateur among the protesters, to lead them to the slaughter.

Note that some of these creatures don't speak Arabic, which supports my claim that Syria is maintained as a playground for international Satanism. In previous posts (here and here), I included maps of Syria which show the locations of ley lines, including one practically on top of Tadmur prison where torture is rampant. (Nature forces, including demons, are more concentrated along ley lines, and it's easier to become possessed by performing SRA in proximity to a ley line.) Also note that this large-scale outbreak of advanced SRA is occurring near the Summer solstice, when nature forces peak in the northern hemisphere.

Also note that the Obama puppet could be found on the golf course, taking a rest from reading scripts, practicing reading scripts, and threatening anyone who gives a hint of stepping out of line. Or, put another way, fiddling with golf clubs while the world burns. If he needs so much time off, he should just resign. Perhaps we could get rid of him by promoting him to the emperor of the planet, solar system, or galaxy, complete with his own palace, crown, robe, etc.