Thursday, July 21, 2011

ABC Beyond Belief beats dead horse about possession

ABC's Beyond Belief episode which first aired on 7/20/11 featured the Hollywood version of Satanic possession, naturally without ever asking why Satan bothers with something which only serves to discredit him, which can be easily detected, and which can be reversed with some mumbo-jumbo. Once that thread is pulled, the entire cover story falls apart. My perspective makes far more sense, although I'm still having difficulty getting my mind around certain aspects of possession - mainly obtaining a palpable sense that someone can appear to be human, and yet be a puppet for a Satanic being. I also have difficulty distinguishing between possession and certain psychological disorders such as psychopathy, assuming there is a difference, and that such disorders aren't masks for possession. The apparent massive disinformation campaign around the issue of "missing time," which is often considered to be a sign of "alien abduction," seems to be a key to understanding the nature and prevalence of possession.

However, my goal was never to develop a "unified theory" of possession, which is beyond me, but to let people know how they can avoid falling into this trap in many cases.